How to Release Your Pent-up Emotions

There is a certain feeling you get right in the middle of your heart when you’re about to be ambushed by emotions you’d rather not deal with, specifically those you have been resolutely pushing down into the deep recesses of your mind as often as you can.

Here’s the funny thing about emotions, they  simply do not care how much you try to avoid them!

Trust me, whatever you are resisting emotions wise, will persist until you acknowledge, validate and finally release them.

Worry and frustration would slither into my head in the form of tension- a tightening around my forehead- leading to the kind of pressure that always threatened a headache, before releasing the floodgates to my insecurities and fears.

An answering call of frantic energy would then assail me and I have been known to call my friends in a miserable panic, saying I felt as if I was ‘ missing something’, or ‘needing just one win’ and of course ‘ not being able to focus’, because of this repressed energy.

It’s a kind of energy that is hard to explain, but once you’ve felt it, you know exactly what it is, the slippery slide to stress-thinking to becoming overwhelmed and you just feel ‘off’.

If you have ever felt like the above, then I have great news for you!

It’s time for you to release that pent-up emotion in your body that you’ve been trying to bury within yourself or just been straight up trying to avoid.



what awaits you:

How to release your pent up emotions with real practices that feel easy and uniquely you.

Discover how learning to release your pent-up emotions will improve your life and mindset health.

Where the real emotional challenges spring from and how to resolve them

4 key insights into how to release pent-up emotions in real life and real time.

What emotions actually are and how understanding this, will help you to manage and use them.

20 thoughts on “How to Release Your Pent-up Emotions

  1. Took me a long time to come to terms with these truths you speak of. Since I was a child, I’ve always been rather emotional, and even as an adult I sometimes struggle with my emotions. I’ve learned over the years to allow myself to acknowledge the emotion and to allow it to lead me to the root thought that has me so wound up, and then from there I can dissect that thought and release the emotional response. When I take the time to do that, I can almost guarantee I will be able to move on from it. Thanks for this post, I think it’s important for everyone to pay close attention to both their emotions and more importantly, their responses to those emotions.

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  2. I learned how to confront my emotions and let them out when I lost my best friend. I was able to let it all out when I needed and understand when it was time to confront memories or emotions. I think more people should do that, as you said, instead of trying to keep it all in.

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  3. I’ve been working really hard over the last several years on trying to keep my emotions in check and not flying off the handle. It is a daily practice and I know I’m not alone. Take a moment to sit and meditate and try to let the feeling pass. It’s important to figure out why you are feeling the way you do so that next time when something similar happens you don’t have the same reaction.


  4. This is a wonderful and very well written article on emotions. My son struggles with anxiety and is very emotional and I can see in him the qualities you spoke of with getting overwhelmed by certain worries and feelings. It’s like emotions are layered over even more emotions, deeper ones. I know when I feel like that it can be daunting, let alone a ten year old trying to cope with it. I really like these ideas you bring up here and am going to try to help my son by employing them on his level. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


  5. This is so good. My favorite line: “Emotions are neither good or bad nor right or wrong. They are in fact simply indicators of how a situation or event is triggering you at that moment.” I love when people break stuff down like that.


  6. Wonderful article, like many I also struggle with keeping my emotions in check from time to time especially my anger so finding ways to help control it are always quite useful.


  7. I used to be easily overwhelmed with emotions but I found ways how to deal with them. It’s not an easy process and I think a lot of it is because I am a teacher who needs to be in control of situations.


  8. Even people with strong senses of self who seem to be in control lose it once in a while so it’s always helpful to remember that how you feel is always valid, like you mentioned. How people react is up to the individual. They always say to never make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion


  9. I really like how you point out that “Emotions are neither good or bad nor right or wrong.” I agree that they are a powerful tool to be used to show us what’s going on in our lives. I really enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing!!


  10. I just learned how to properly feel feelings lol. It only took a few months in therapy! But yes you have to acknowledging your feelings and feeling them is the only way to get past them.


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