How My Epic Failures Allowed for a Fully Free Life

It never occurred to me that just 4 months after my 30th birthday I’d be moving back in with my parents, especially when I had successfully done all the things I had been told to accomplish and a bit more by age 27.

I was an amazing journalist who got to cover all the top shows and pageants, who was schmoozing with Ambassadors and got specially invited to their functions.

I was even one of the extremely few journalists to be allowed to cover an event in the depths of the American Embassy in Barbados all while making decent pay.

I lived with my husband who supported my dreams and wanted to happily build our family together and we had not too long moved from our starter home in a really nice community, into an amazing townhouse styled apartment which was even closer to his work.

My family both biological and the in laws, all got along and I received nothing but love from my husband’s family. His mom was like my second maid-of-honour!

My new neighbours were fun and awesome. And I was ecstatic when my friend Jax moved in next door and we had our wine and chill nights with one of our other neighbours, Jen, a working single mother of one.

I was living the dream of writing for a living, I fully owned my car  and was about to launch a new business with one of my best friends- turned sister (we got so extremely close that people really thought we could be twins- despite us looking nothing alike lol), while launching my own solo business in graphic design!

(read: Can you spell busy bee?)

So what the hell happened?!

How did I go from living that life, to moving back with my parents’ seconds away from being absolutely  destitute and willing myself  not cry because I was sure I would flood the parish, if not the whole country?

Turns out the things that look great on paper aren’t always that great or long lasting, particularly when they are not your END goals, but you decide you can settle for them.

Ashlee Cox of Ashlee Unscripted




what awaits you

Ashlee takes you on a journey of how her seemingly awesome lifestyle, was not what it seemed.

We get insights from her job, the good, the bad and the reasons why she felt compelled into becoming an entrepreneur.

Ashlee gets vulnerable and heartbreakingly honest about how her marriage failed, the lessons she learnt from it and how it’s allowed her to build a much healthier and better future.

She talks about the journey of starting over from seemingly scratch and how she figured out to stop punishing herself for it.

She pinpoints the differences in her mindset then and now

How she learnt to forgive herself and allow a future filled with hope and renewed faith

She talks about her life now and the amazing things she is up to now

She talks about  the things she had to release and learn to enjoy her present.

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26 thoughts on “How My Epic Failures Allowed for a Fully Free Life

  1. It’s all about moving on and fighting these challenges. They help you learn important lessons in life. Also, it makes you stronger.


  2. Thanks for sharing your story! These are great tips for everyone to keep in mind because no one is immune to falling from their current place.


  3. Wow what an inspiring story! It really is amazing what mindset can do to a persons life. I know I’ve been in spots in my life where I’m just not really sure I’ll be able to get out of. And you are totally right! It’s about slowly but surely changing up that mindset and moving forward. I really enjoyed ready your story!!


  4. I always figure if you pick yourself back up and keep at it, taking a new direction as needed, there are no failures, only opportunities for learning. You’ve been through quite the ordeal having to start over again, but you’ll make it again. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to stay with your parents while rebuilding.


  5. Wow! It sounds like you went through a really tough time there! But it seems like you have come out on the other side with a renewed spirit and purpose. Congratulations! Keep moving forward and good luck!


  6. For me, it’s always been about what you do when you get knocked down and how you fight. Sometimes in life, we need some mistakes and failures to help guide us. Well written and very inspiring story.


  7. Amen! That was a true testimony and I’m glad that you are seeing that light! You are an amazing writer and I know this blog will take off and make you some big money in 2019. Keep writing.


  8. Your experiences are not failures. They are guiding you to a much better life! You are clearly stronger than you knew, and I’m excited you are finding success with that. This is a great relatable story. I’m glad you’re finding happiness again.


  9. I am so sorry you are going through this. It is so though to meet the expectations and still feel like you are having it all only on paper, that is has nothing to do with your real life and goals. Unfortunately I have been there too. You can make it, you are a great and strong person


  10. This is such an amazing and inspiring story. really appreciate you for sharing your story with the world and your efforts in helping others those who are in a very difficult situation.


  11. What a moving story! See your “failures” as challenges on our life path. I’m happy for you that you had an epiphany and decided to turn a corner and move forward with your life. Wishing you well.


  12. I love this article. Life is what happens when things go wrong and you get back up again. I’ve had some struggles and it’s definitely made me a better person for it. I’m so glad things are going well for you now!


  13. I, too, have had it all or so it seemed on paper and things crumbled. It hurts, it’s hard– for sure. Looking back now, those times of turmoil created the greatest of outcomes. Forward momentum!


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