The Biggest Misconception About Limiting Beliefs and Mental Blocks Blown Up!

Today I’m spilling the tea on limiting beliefs, mental blocks and trigger moments and why they manifest in the way that they do!

Limiting beliefs just as the name implies are those ‘negative’ and challenging thoughts that swirl in our head so much that you begin to believe them as facts. They are the thoughts that keep you from believing your success is possible and can drive you to take actions that are not in alignment with our progress.

So where do they come from?

Usually when you are truly being attacked by your limiting beliefs there are for three main reasons.

  • Sometimes you create beliefs that are so far from our current circumstances that your minds simply do not believe in the possibility of it coming true in the way you want them to.
  • You create our beliefs and mantras while ignoring your internal alarm systems that are protesting the insanity of this belief.
  • You create these beliefs as shields when our goals are too big, frightening and you’re scared to fully commit.

Contrary to EVERYONE’s belief of limiting beliefs, I do not think they are bad things, infact I think they are your Ego’s best work in terms of not only protecting you, but also gauging where you actually stand on your own belief system.

Lemme explain that more.

While we all get so caught up in the fact that we have a great idea/ project/ desire etc and we start to plan it out and set deadlines and try to make it a reality, what happens when the limiting beliefs pop up?

We listen to them and then we immediately fall prey to our own insecurities. Here’s the thing tho, you’ve been using your limiting beliefs all WRONG.

They are not there to stop your progress; in fact they are there to test it and ensure that you are aware of how to improve upon your game plan.

Those thoughts that swirl in your brain and trigger your flight or fight instinct are only there as a mental checklist to see how prepared you really are about fulfilling this goal.

So think of them as a harsh supervisor who asks the tough questions, so that you can be better prepared for the success of your missions. Instead of fighting or fleeing or trying to bury these thoughts, I want you to instead listen to them, challenge them and answer them.

All they want is to be resolved so that you can move forward. That’s it. They have no actual real power; it’s all in how you respond to them.

Now that we understand what limiting beliefs truly are, if they are left unanswered and unchecked they will cause mental blocks- i.e. your ego trying to stop you from doing something it now believes you are unready, unprepared for and will cause you harm- (literally the ego’s one job is to keep you safe) so then you have even more stressors to overcome, in order to prove to your own mind that you are in fact ready to take on this amazing challenge.

Does that make sense?

Let’s look at the three instances of limiting beliefs.

The first instance:

1)         Sometimes we create beliefs that are so far from our current circumstances that our mind simply does not believe in the possibility of it coming true in the way we want them to.

What this means is that you have created a belief that feels larger than life and larger than what you feel you are capable of.

Sure you can achieve this goal, but really it feels as if it is outside of your range of believability. And as such your mind is calling BS on it and since your response has NOT been to broaden your range of believability or possibility, it then leads to a mental block.

As you fight the block, less energy is being focused on the resolution and the block gets bigger, because you’re actually feeding the emotion that created it in the first place.

 It’s a catch 22 like no other.


“I am going to lose 30 lbs in 21 days”

This is perfectly possible, however, you feel as if it will be really hard or difficult for you to lose that much weight in such a short time.

And you’re not too enthused about the changes you have to make in regards to your diet, workout routine, sleep pattern etc… It all just seems like a lot and are you even ready for all of that yet?

You’re not even sure you’ll have the time to actually implement all of this stuff!

Sound familiar?

The second instance:

2)         We create our beliefs and mantras while ignoring our internal alarm systems that are protesting the insanity of this belief.

In this instance, there is a part of you that is blaring that you’re worried/ afraid/stressed over this belief/ goal or simply don’t want to do it and maybe it feels as if you will not actually achieve this goal and for some reason instead of addressing those emotions, you ignore them and continue to try to push along with it.

However, they do not go away and you run the risk of misinterpreting those feelings as signs that you will fail this goal and then … you do.


“I am going to write my first book, publish it and reap the rewards all in 2 weeks”.

Totally possible if you know how, but even as you think of this goal, you feel like maybe your deadline is a bit rough and too tightly strict for all you will have to do, but you forge on and you get stressed out more and more and you can hear that voice in the back of your head saying “you’re not gonna make it” and while you’re not communicating with it, it makes you feel like giving up because ‘ maybe you’re not a good writer, maybe no one will read my book…etc”.

Really, it was about the fact that you needed more time and you would have known that if you had bothered to listen to your intuition and ego.

The third instance:

3)         We create these beliefs as shields when our goals are too big, frightening and we’re scared to fully commit.


“I want to start my own online business, but really, that’ll be a lot of work and what if I try and fail? No I should just keep on what I’m doing right now….it’s the better option.”

In this scenario, it’s not that the goal is impossible, but it’s that the person is not ready for this magnitude of change and has allowed fear to shield them from even trying it out and changing their lives for better or not.

They decided that they could not chance going after their dreams and allowed the limiting beliefs to shield the fear of actually doing something out of their comfort level.

In the end, it all comes down to you communicating with yourself, trusting yourself and being patient. Limiting beliefs will manifest fear, doubts and dread yes, however those emotions only have as much power and purpose as we assign to them.

It is all about your mindset, and how well you listen to your intuition and trust that you will achieve all that you desire easily.

So challenge these thoughts and find out how to repurpose them so that they do what they were always intended to do- help you achieve your goals easily and happily.

Want to know how they can be repurposed?

Keep on reading!

Next post is going to be mindblowing!

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26 thoughts on “The Biggest Misconception About Limiting Beliefs and Mental Blocks Blown Up!

  1. This is an excellent post. I know I’ve fallen into these traps on more than one occasion. They can be hard to avoid if you don’t know you’re even doing it to yourself.


  2. Directing one’s thoughts through one’s dreams is not easy, but if they find the right path everything is possible.


  3. I believe I’ve been through these three ‘negative’ and challenging thoughts. It’s just now I found out the term for them: Limiting Beliefs. Good to know all about it from your article.


  4. I loved reading this post. I always try to learn more about my mental health and keep it healthy, and I love your tone in this post. It’s like talking to a mental therapist which is really nice.


  5. Altogether different perspective about limiting beliefs. Totally agree that triggers can in fact act a warning signals that should be taken care of instead of negating.


  6. I have to say I think ‘we’ are our biggest enemies and coming to terms with what we can do, being positive about it and pushing through the mental blocks is something we have to do in order to be successful.


  7. This post is so very useful to me – thank you so much! mental blocks are killing me, it never easy to overcome


  8. Nice article. You are right! – “It is all about your mindset, and how well you listen to your intuition and trust that you will achieve all that you desire easily.” Sometimes our biggest enemy is ourselves.


  9. people should not really limit their beliefs, the points of this article is really something that some people cam relate and agree, I had a great read, thank you for sharing


  10. Treating those fears as your supervisor checking on you sounds a nice way to deal with it. You have a very great point.


  11. I do agree with you! This vision of yours of those “limiting beliefs” is what I call instinct. I have always trusted my gut in changes and projects that seemed impossible to many people. I usually say “I have always had what I wanted, because I have always known WHAT to want”.


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