What is Really Stopping Your Flow ( It is not FEAR)!

 Today we are talking about the thing that has the true power to completely derail your success and leave you in a corner of the kitchen floor, ugly crying while you day drink, and no I’m not talking about fear.

This emotion is one that many know of it’s power, but it is rarely brought up as one of the BIG emotions that if fed regularly can turn into a real monster making it super hard to resolve and conquer!

I’m talking about one of the most insidious, sneaky and long lasting emotions you have within you!

I’m talking about doubt, more specifically- self- doubt (When you question your own ability to achieve / do something).

So yes, we talk a great deal about resolving or even overcoming fear, including the fear of failing and the fear of success, and while it is very true that fear is one of the most triggering emotions when we have decided to pursue our dreams and goals, self- doubt wields a much darker power!

We rarely talk about the power of self doubt and the effects it has, even as it is the thing that more often than not, is what is stalling us from getting what we want.

So let’s talk about it.

Doubt manifests in various ways, superbly triggering your mental blocks around a desired outcome. It is sneaky foe which never fights alone, since it also triggers fear and a host of other potentially overpowering emotions!



What awaits you:

Deep diving into the 3 major sources of self-doubt, how they affect you and how they can be resolved

How to identify the specific ting that is triggering your self-doubt and h what’s behind it.

Exercises to help you understand where the doubt is stemming from and how to manage , then resolve it.

Step by step guides on how to identify your goal, the doubt around it, the Big WHY of the goal, the triggers and how to move to a new perspective that allows you to pursue the goal easier and with more success.

The real thing doubt is combated by and why you need more of it stat!

Exclusive exercise to help you gain clarity on your goal, and move through the limiting beliefs around it until you resolve them and see a pathway to the goal.

Why it’s so important to indulge in self-knowledge and figure out the process of how you believe in things.

Ashlee also talks her own process of going through the processes of self-doubt.

41 thoughts on “What is Really Stopping Your Flow ( It is not FEAR)!

  1. I really needed to move this. I’ve had new social channels up for my business for about a week now, but I haven’t put anything on them. What I thought was fear is actually just self-doubt now that I look at it.

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  2. Wow, you really hit the nail on the head with this. Thank you for these tips to overcoming self doubt. Many people dont realize how crippling it really can be

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    1. Money woes mixed with self-doubt is rough! Mindset isn’t just how you think, but also how you genuinely feel around the goal. That helps, but if you ever want to vent it out and could use a guide to this, I’m available and you can email me at ashleeunscripted@gmail.com and we can just work it out ( free ) I like helping as much as I can!


  3. I think this is a great way to look at things and draw up a plan on how you will achieve your goals. Sometimes it is very hard to accomplish things also because of distractions and procrastination, not only logic and fear.

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  4. I loved reading this, mainly because I can identify myself here! Self-doubt is something I have to work at everyday. Hopefully I’ll get through the hurdles the best I can!


  5. What a great read! I am at this point where I struggle to get started with a long time dream of mine which is to build my own business. You definitely write all the negative thoughts and emotions that are holding me back from getting started. I could use your advice thank you so much!

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  6. It is so difficult to believe in yourself, I feel stuck many times with just getting there and I self sabotage myself as I don’t feel worthy or good enough some times. Great article – I understand what you mean about breaking things into smaller chunks

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    1. Self-sabotage is no joke! Sometimes the smaller chunks help and also understanding what it is that is causing the self sabotage. If you ever just want to talk about these feelings, you can email me! Let’s connect

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  7. I can’t agree with you more self- doubt is a huge killer and many people give up their hopes and dreams because of not having enough believe and confidence in themselves.

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  8. Fear is definitely one of those things that can leave you feeling helpless. It has taken me a long time to get over the fear of venturing into a new business for myself. Afraid that I might fail but if I didnt try I would have another feeling – regret.

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    1. Oh yes! This was one of the things I had to overcome myself and let me tell you, the idea of regret- especially regret over something I can control, plus the feeling of happiness my business gave me was enough for me to resolve those fears and doubts. They pop up every now and then, but I use them as guides now!


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