Change: It comes for us all

The cruel truth about being an entrepreneur is that you have to get real comfortable with change. Everything changes, and while you may be inclined to fight it, the truth is that you will always lose.

I’m not a huge fan of change. I’m a Taurus afterall, well known for our stubbornness, for our dislike of new things, especially once we already have a favourite and our love of routine is pretty much legendary, yet life is all about change.

It’s all about stepping into the unknown daily and entrepreneurship is no different. As much I am intrinsically loathe to the idea of changing some habits, routines etc, I’m also influenced by Aries’ capriciousness, and so will change things once I’ve made up in my mind that I will.

In this way, I’m an enigma and pretty much a wild card, making me very, very human.

In order to grow, we must allow change, if for no other reason than to preserve our sanity. When I started out as an entrepreneur, I believed with everything in me that I had to get it right the first time.

My website had to be right, the content right and I could not change things too much, lest my readers and clients get confused.

Sounds perfectly reasonable, yet the reality was anything but.

I’ve changed my mind about every single thing about my business after I launched it. The focus has changed, but I like the word ‘evolved’ more because with each lesson and experience I underwent on this journey, the clearer I saw my dream and was better able to follow it.

That meant I had to change things and believe me, even though I knew change is inevitable, even as I knew it would be for the best and life would be easier, I still resisted, I still agonized and I still had to convince myself of all the things I already knew.

Turns out, the more you put skin into the game, the more you learn about yourself and your true wants. These I learnt are good things; being able to be honest with yourself, means being honest with those who come to you. It means being honest about your intentions, motives, actions and desires and make the path towards them shine with clarity.

So I say all of this to prepare you for the changes that are coming to Ashlee Unscripted. This is a journey for me and my goal is to provide you with honest content, to provide an answer for your questions and to be a friend to you who visits my blog.

It’s not easy in this fast paced world and there are thousands of websites just like this one, but what makes this different, is the simple fact that you prefer it. That you’re reading it right now and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Don’t be afraid to grow, to change and transform. If you’re being called for positive growth, resolve it in your mind and let it happen. Trust that you will come out on the other side so much better, stronger and wiser!

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16 thoughts on “Change: It comes for us all

  1. Love your positivity and tenacity! It’s so easy to stick to routine once you start something, so I’m glad you were able to keep changing.


  2. I’m a Taurus too but I don’t consider myself 100% Taurus. Change is good. It’s tough but it’s what helps us grow. Step out of your comfort zone every now and then and try something different. Life is so much better if you open your mind to new experiences and opportunities. Great reminder article! Good luck with all your goals for your site!


  3. I’m a Virgo and like change about as much as the average Taurus. It’s taken me a very long time, but I have (finally) learned to admit that sometimes, change is good. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned for your new adventure!


  4. There’s the old saying which goes: ‘The only thing that is constant in life is change’. How true. It may run against the grain for many of us but I think it is true that the more you embrace change (rather than let it force you), the more you actually grow in your skills and as a person. Although not always easy to do, change makes sure that life is never dull and boring, as you continually move forward and grow.


  5. It is inevitable that goals and aims change over time. You are right, this is often a good thing as it means we have grown and evolved. In terms of a blog or website, change can be really exciting and many of your readers will be thrilled and curious to see what fresh content you’re going to provide. Hope you and your family/ friends are well in these strange times.


  6. I’ve learned to embrace change after years of being self-employed and I love the challenges. Having a positive mindset is key to being an entrepreneur and certainly requires strength and patience.


  7. i kind of trying to make the best of the situation or any changes we are all in right now , as i cannot change it just yet myself kind regards pati robins @style-squeeze blog


  8. I remember a college professor I had before who said, “The only constant thing in this world is Change.” I tend to be extremely cautious when it comes to change but once I have seen the positive side of it, I embrace it with open arms. Change is synonymous to continuous learning!


  9. Although most human beings hate change I have over the years started believing that change is always good. Not that I too do not get taken back initially but then I tell myself everything will be alright and it will open up new unforeseen opportunities. Nice read.


  10. One of my favorite phrases is “life is hard for two reasons. Because you’re leaving your comfort zone, or you’re staying in it. Change is always difficult, but some of the best things come from change.


  11. Of all the obstacles life throws at us, next to loss, change is the hardest to accept and roll with. But change = growth and growth = success. I have to tell myself that constantly. Embrace change, even when it hurts or sucks I always say. I’ve made my share of lemonade that’s for sure. Change is the only thing we can depend on to always be constant in our lives, so we have no choice but to embrace it–or lose our wits if we don’t!


  12. You are correct, change is hard and yet without it, you won’t grow. I often find a slight resistance to change and yet, once I accept that this is the way it will be, then things are much easier and more enjoyable. So what I’ve learned is acceptance is the key.


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