Breaking the Fast Gently Before 11 am

It’s been eight whole hours or longer since you’ve last consumed anything and now that you are conscious again and aware of your world, so is the untamed beast that is your growling stomach.

What do you do?

Some have conditioned themselves to just ignore their tummy’s demands, choosing to get dressed for work, maybe grabbing a coffee and maybe a banana or muffin on their way to the office.

Others take the ‘ breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ to heart and go ham on pancakes, eggs, sausages and baked beans, while others take just a bit more care of their stomach’s needs, choosing to drink a smoothie and get their hit of necessary vitamins and proteins.

Depending on your routine, your obsession with health and your own personal beliefs on breakfast, the way you decide to break your fast when your eyes open to a new day is all subjective, however, there are things that most experts agree on when it comes to breaking any fast, and it includes taking it slow, being gentle on your stomach and being healthy.




Elissa Mirsky, a published author and former editor-in-chief of Bold Magazine, spills on why adding fruit to the breakfast is a must!

We break down the the many benefits of not just adding fruit to your diet, but eating it pre-lunch.

Jody Braverman, certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and yoga teacher, also weighs in on this breakfast hot-topic!

The reasons why your metabolism and entire body will thank you for reading this article and sprucing up your diet!

8 thoughts on “Breaking the Fast Gently Before 11 am

  1. Here I have a lot of trouble getting there for lunch because I have no idea how to break the morning without getting too full. Thanks.


  2. These are excellent tips. I usually like to have porridge for breakfast, but I’ll also try to add some berries the next time. It’s also a great natural sweetener.


  3. I’m a huge fan of Greek yoghurt, blueberries and green tea to break my fast about 11am each day. It’s something I’ve been doing for the past few months and I feel so much better for it. I can’t believe I use to indulge in way too many pancakes and maple syrup before!


  4. The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a hot cup of plain water. It rehydrates my body and helps with digestion. I have also read that it helps flush out toxins. I do eat breakfast after an hour or two and my staple breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal and a fruit (whatever we have on hand).


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