What mood should you be in to break up?

In this episode, Ashlee is delving into the world of break ups and questioning when is the right time to break up and what is the best mood to actually cut the cord. Should you do it impulsively or should you do it when you’ve really given it a thorough think through? Warning: There may be cussing.

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10 thoughts on “What mood should you be in to break up?

  1. The break up is never easy but it should be done when you know its the right time. Sometimes you can be blind to the situation is you’re in it and you can look to someone outside the relationship for help but in the end, it should be your decision.


  2. We have all had breakups. As we look back we wish we had handled it more maturely. Thanks for talking about this topic which is never dealt with. I honestly believe we cannot move forward if we do not deal with our past. Thanks for talking about it.
    Jerry Godinho


  3. Breaking up is never easy (for both parties). Since the question is, what type of mood should one be in to break up. In hopes to preserve a glimmer of friendship, integrity, and not harbor any ill-will. I would honestly would prefer someone to be in a place of love, and kindness, when breaking up with another. I know that’s not always the case, but it would be best case scenario.


  4. Being calm and mature about it is the best way to go, if you still can. I had a breakup at the very end of last year. I was very into the relationship for a few months, but then realised that it wasn’t what I was looking for long-term. It was right before Christmas break and I at first thought I’d do it after I returned from my holidays, but then there seemed no point to extend the process, since I knew it needed to happen. So, one night when I came home, I just did it. It was a really tough, sad moment for both of us but we were able to discuss it rationally a few weeks later. Looking back, it was the right decision at the right time.


  5. I can’t (thankfully) really relate to this so I do not really have the opinion. I think breaking up is hard on both sides, each part did have some plans for it


  6. Breakups are never easy. As I always advise people, ‘ if they can’t see the worth in you, they ain’t worth the stress’.


  7. As long as you don’t try to break up on the first occasion when you got upset with your partner, it doesn’t really matter what mood you are in.

    Couples may have disagreements and even fights, yet the thought of breaking up would not appear. Instead, they’d think of how to resolve the issues and continue together with fewer fights in the future.

    If a couple had several situations when one or both of the partners were thinking of breaking up, then it’s probably time to break up. Whether you do it in between fights or during the next fight – doesn’t matter. For some people, it’s really hard to end the relationship while there is no drama happening and everything seems to go smoothly. But they already know that peace and serenity is only a break before the next explosion. If so, whether you break up in a calm mood or wait until the next episode of anger – the outcome is the same.

    Wishing you love and happiness,

    ~ Julia


  8. Breakups are never easy! But it is much better to get it done than stay in a relationship when you aren’t happy. I don’t know that there ever is a “right” time to do it. But I don’t think there is with anything in life either. Sometimes we just have to take the leap and get it done.

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