Your Metabolism: More Important than You Think

When you hear the word ‘metabolism’ the thoughts that pop up are usually along the lines of the body burning calories when active. Metabolism brings to mind sweat, weights and movement in the gym, however, the process is much more than simply the body burning calories.

Metabolism literally means ‘a state of change’ and whether you’re in the middle of a deep sleep, reading a book or playing with your pets, the body is always active. There is never a time when you’re not using calories, because the body is always storing and consuming energy as well as building up and breaking down molecules necessary to maintain health.

That process is what metabolism is all about and why when it is working as it should, you don’t feel sluggish or fatigued; rather you’re full of energy throughout the day and have brighter moods. This is also the reason why it’s easier to gain muscle mass and lose fat, because your body is sending the right hormone signals to your metabolic system.

Is it any surprise then that the body tries its best to tightly control this process?

Metabolism is a super important process in the body and so to keep control, the body sends out swarms of hormones to travel throughout it.

The connection between your hormones and metabolism influences everything in your body, so checking your hormone levels can give you a great gauge of how healthy your metabolism and overall body really are.




What your metabolism actually does for your body and why the process is vital

Liz Lyster, M.D., an ob-gyn in Foster City, California, who specializes in hormone imbalances, explains why harmones and metabolism goes hand in hand.

Rocio Salas-Whalen, M.D., an endocrinologist in New York City, and Dr Virginia J. Vitzthum, director of scientific research at period tracking app, Clue, weighs in even heavier on key things you need to know about your hormones and your body health.

19 thoughts on “Your Metabolism: More Important than You Think

  1. Very useful information you shared in this post. Our bodies have complex processes and we must understand them so that we can care for our bodies the right way.

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  2. Ensuring you have a good metabolism is super important and I appreciate this informative post 🙂 I did not struggle with it until my 40’s….. that is when it got tough for me for sure. Thanks again and stay safe and healthy!

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  3. Such an interesting post…our metabolisms are so complex and different from each other. That’s why we can’t get caught up in the comparison game- everyone’s body is different and works differently especially at different times of the month. Nice informative read!

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  4. There are so many reasons why your metabolism is so very important. I know I don’t think about it as often as I should. Knowing it’s the engine that burns up your fuel and keeps you moving, it means it’s completely important.


  5. Ah, this metabolism. I am currently in this stage of life when my metabolism begins to slow down, therefore I will gradually have to make some changes in my lifestyle.


  6. Even when you’re at rest, your body needs energy for all its “hidden” functions, such as breathing, circulating blood, adjusting hormone levels, and growing and repairing cells.


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