Revealed: The Secret No one is Telling You About Dating

If you’re single, looking for your soul mate and ready to just be in the right, caring and loving relationship already, but somehow keep attracting toads or worse, people who are just shy of what you’re looking for, I’ve got some truth for you.

The unvarnished truth is that you are just too picky!

Or at least, that’s what too many friends, relatives and articles will tell you when you finally give in and try to find the antidote to your chronic single-itis, but is that true?

Are you in fact being too picky about who you decide to give your heart to, are you being too quick to dismiss the person who is so close to your internal heart checklist, but just not fully up to scratch?

Should you simply settle for what is working right now and overlook some of the quirks that are slowly driving you insane, because ‘no one is perfect?’

The real question you’re asking : Is it actually a bad thing to be too selective or ‘picky’?




Why the negative connotations of being called ‘ picky’ is messing up your ability to date proper prospects.

Ashlee talks about her own experience with being ‘ too picky’ and breaking down the stereotype.

Getting clear on what you’re actually looking for : mate or fun friend.

Several powerful questions to help you shed your ‘too picky’ mantle.

Why being selective is healthy, wise and all about your boundaries.

Dr Seth Meyer breaks down what ‘healthy picky’ is and it’s exactly what you need.

Life Coach, Emma Staddon also weighs in on healthy relationships and the significance of inner work.

9 thoughts on “Revealed: The Secret No one is Telling You About Dating

  1. I don’t think it is a bad thing to be a picky but it is very important to first know what the person really needs before starting to pick and choose.


  2. I do believe everyone needs to have standards as long as they remember that no one is perfect. But, you shouldn’t just settle for anyone. So, a good perspective presented in this article.


  3. I think it’s about trying to find the right balance. You don’t want to be too picky (you’ll never find Mr Perfect!) and let something potentially good pass you by but you should never settle either.

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  4. Reading this made me remember the time when I was dating and yes I think I was quite picky and my mum used to say that to me all the time. So glad I realised that there is someone out there for me and luckily I found him.


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