Start Dating Yourself

The idea of self-dates may seem strange especially if you’re in a relationship, after all wasn’t one of the overall points of having a partner, so we wouldn’t have to go and do things alone?

But that’s just the thing, why are we so determined to not spend time with ourselves?

Why does the idea of going out alone, bring up feelings of awkward loneliness and feelings of slacking off, when we could be spending time being more ‘productive’.

We know we are social creatures, but does that really explain the sheer panic and fear many of us feel at the prospect of being alone with our thoughts or visiting a place alone?

Mental strength trainer and international bestselling mental strength author, Amy Morin, breaks down this conundrum for us …



What’s awaiting you:

Key advice from Mental strength trainer and international bestselling mental strength author, Amy Morin on why dating yourself is a must!

Online Coach, Sarah Von Bargen, weighs in on how doing what we love also benefits our other relationships.

Elite Daily Contributor Lena Oh, gives awesome insights on the connection you achieve when going solo.

Find out if it really is natural to enjoy your solo-ness or if you should want others with you…nature vs nurture.

8 thoughts on “Start Dating Yourself

  1. Yes, loved this post! I’m really focusing on spending more time with myself and enjoying my own company. Self care is so important and I’m really benefiting from taking time out to look after myself.


  2. I am trying my best to take better care of myself. It is a challenge, with so much responsibilities to do. Anyway, I love your tips, and hopefully once this crisis is over I will go on a date – with myself. I am so looking forward to it!


  3. Wonderful article to encourage people to do something I’ve learned to enjoy over the last few years. It’s striking how at first it takes some courage to “go out there alone” – but then once you’re hiking, biking, dining, movie-watching or whatever else you do on your solo-date it’s such an empowering reward to feel so totally JUST YOU.
    On a little side note: those of us who have partners, should also appreciate the *luxury* of having to make an effort to be “on our own”.

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  4. One should never underestimate the power of some alone time. HOWEVER, I am totally uncomfortable going places alone. 😦


  5. I remember listening to this advice when I was single. Getting to know who you are and what you like, and don’t like, is so important to having a healthy relationship with someone.


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