Wish of the Week: Copa Cagna

Copa Cagna

Price:  $20

Why We’re Curious:

All wine drinkers have that one friend who when it comes to buying wine, it’s a whole production. They want to know the vintage, and they are all very elegant and dare I say downright snobby about getting the ‘right kind of wine’…luckily for the rest of us, who just like the taste of wine, there’s a brand out there just for us.

Leah Van Dale, also known as Carmella from her WWE persona has a wine brand that proudly proclaims that they are not for ‘ wine snobs’ and I am here for it!

Capo Cagna roughly translates to ‘boss bitch’ and the mission of the winery, is make their customers to feel like a million dollars without breaking the bank and just owning who you are unapologetically.

Yeah, I can get behind that.

They offer two bottles, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay and honestly, they look so good I want to taste!

So people, who have tried them out yet? Let me know!

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