Dating Practices to Keep Your Relationship LIT

Gazing into each other’s eyes, getting lost for hours, proudly holding hands, making out like your partner is your lifeline, wanting to be in their presence often and to smell like them?

Yeah, those were the good old first days of the relationship right?

Now tho, you’re like passing ships in the night, and you don’t talk nearly as much as you used to and if you think about it, sex has been infrequent, and just not as good as you swore it used to be.

So what the hell happened?

Life did.

After the all consuming honey-moon phase, we tend to settle into a routine and a rhythm with our partner, especially if you are living with them and things you used to make time for change, the way you interact change and the way you think about your partner also changes, sometimes for the best, but in many cases, we become complacent.

You feel safe and comfortable in your love, in the fact that you are loved and your brains start telling you that your lover isn’t going anywhere, so now you can focus on some of the other things that life has been throwing your way like missiles lately.

It’s normal and natural even, however, if you stay on this course, you will find yourself in a rut, your bond with your lover will start to fray, because just like a plant needs water, light and music to grow, your bond also needs tender, loving care  and maintenance …



What’s awaiting you

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