The Low Down On Working from Home

One of the many appeals for working from home for me was,  of course not having to get up super early and get ready for work and the belief that I would be able to choose my own hours.

In the beginning of this journey, I was lured in by the siren call of not having to wake up at a specific time, not having to do the ‘ work day grooming’ routine, including wrangling the mane I call my hair, not having to don another suit and pack my work bag and figure out lunch, etc. Rather, I could stay in my comfy clothes all day, make lunch when I was ready, work out more and then set time in the day to grab my laptop and work!

Everything I needed was here at home with me and it was awesome!

Sounds like heaven yes?

And it was for a while, until things inevitably went completely out of control!



what awaits you:

Ashlee takes you throuh the unvarnished truth about her experience of working for home, after 5 years experience.

Ashlee spills on the little things no one ever tells you about working from home, how they can help and also derail productivity.

The 5 Boundaries you need to enforce right now to stay sane

The little habits that will make this transition so much smoother and actually productive

The major things to actually watch out for during this process and why you need to kick the habits

The mindset shifts that saved her sanity.

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14 thoughts on “The Low Down On Working from Home

  1. For me, working from home often looks more like hell. Certainly there are advantages such as having lunch at home or waking up not at dawn, but paradoxically we work harder and there are no Saturdays or Sundays.

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    1. It is a real adjustment for sure and many are not prepared for how things do change when you work from home. Even in a regular job you can leave and turn off the work brain, it gets tougher when you’re already home.


  2. I think it’s super important to set the hours and also a work routine when working from home. It’s actually more difficult than I would have thought.

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  3. Though I have been lifting my friend’s spirit high, I am pretty low during this time. But things have started to look better now 🙂

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  4. It’s definitely an adjustment to working from home. I’ve worked nomadically or from home for the past few years, so I’ve had no issue, but I know some people have been going crazy!

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