How I’m Learning to Love Unconditionally

It never occurred to me that I could be loved unconditionally. The concept itself made very little sense to me, as I simply could not fathom, how it was possible to love someone for doing nothing more than existing.

I subscribed for years, to what I now call ‘conditional affection’,  where the relationship grew based on whether the person was willing to appease you and what they brought into your world to make your own well-being much easier.

You see it often in movies and in love letters, where the person professes his/her love and it’s a laundry list of the ways the other makes their life easier, but rarely states the qualities and traits of the first person; like are they kind, intelligent?

It’s always a very egotisical spiel that made me realize that the relationship would be based on whether the person could keep up or improve upon that laundry list.

The thing is, attraction starts with realizing how someone makes you feel, it gets fuelled by the things you have in common and then by you seeing and approving of behaviours.

The problem comes, because that’s where most of us choose to stop our hearts.

We stop at the things the person does for us, or the things you do for them.

There is another step, where you start to love the person simply because you realize and acknowledge them on an encompassing human level. 

You made it to the end! Wooot!

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20 thoughts on “How I’m Learning to Love Unconditionally

  1. Really interesting post. I have been with my husband for 21 years now, married for less. And for me that love is a partnership helping and loving one another through the ups and downs. But your laundry list has definitely made me think.

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  2. I absolutely enjoyed this post for sure and it is very true about unconditional love. I did not realize it until I had a major health scare that put me into the hospital. My boyfriend of 24 years stayed with me in the hospital the entire time ad slept there too. I believe that is when I realized the deeper love that some can have if they delve deep enough and I cannot tell you what it meant to me to have him there no matter what as I was terrified. I now appreciate him in a way I never did before and I appreciate your sharing and will be back as I am loving your site!

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  3. Good read as it helps me to stay positive after reading this. I totally agree with the points you shared. Do not expect any return but you never know when you receive it, you will be so happy.

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