How I’ve Learnt To Reconnect to Source

Two months ago, I made an active decision to become more spiritually woke. I wanted to move my emotional state from feeling super stressed out about money, Covid- freaking-19, bills, followers, you know , the usually plagues of a solo entrepreneur, who is also dealing with personal stressors.

Without truly acknowledging it, the backlash following the abrupt death of my Dad, shook me and catapulted me right back to unhealthy ways, unhealthy thoughts and I allowed myself to feed my fear so much, it almost exploded from my body.

Then after a few conversations with my friends, and a lot of guided meditations, because let’s be honest, I was OVER feeling the tension in my body, the desperation running amok in my thoughts which only gave me headaches, caused me to grit my jaw so hard, I felt my teeth grinding, and muscle aches in my shoulders because of how freaking tense I was keeping them.

It was also my birthday month (April) and really is there a better time to actively choose to take spectacular care of yourself in not on/ around your birthday?

So that’s what I did.

I’m a huge believer and advocate from mindset work and healing, because as we already know, it all starts with your thoughts and from that it leads to actions that build your lifestyle.

So I had a choice to make.

Give into the pressures of stress, desperation and insidious fear, where I started to lose confidence in just about everything that made me the unique and loving person that I am.


Reconnect to myself. Become an active participant in my life again and CHOOSE what I focus on, how I allow myself to feel, what I am available for and concentrate on the surplus of good that was in my life, if I would only acknowledge them.

So I started on the latter.

Was it easy?

Absolutely not. I learnt how deep rooted my fear based state ran and I started to notice just how often I was actively looking for things to make me feel awful, to feel sad, as excuses to justify giving up on actions, my desires, the works.

Reasons to stay in a state of not quite happiness but not quite bouncing off the walls either.

Then I remembered this book: The Level Up Journal Prompter.

It’s the book I created to help me out of this kind of funk.

Within it I go through 9 Chapters which challenge you to move from stuck and playing small to being your Next Level Self.

The self that allows you to take the next step in your life confidently, that allows you to get clear on your goals, get clear on shifting your limiting beliefs and the lifestyle you are calling towards yourself.

From learning how to reconnect with myself and challenging myself to answer the journal prompts openly and honestly- no running from myself- to actually doing the homework and slowly becoming more and more aware of my progress, of my many victories, of how strong I am and will continue to be, I felt super inspired and motivated.

This book, which is loaded with insights I am straight up impressed came out of me, was  perfect to move me again, to gain clarity in my mind and remind myself of how powerful I actually am, of how healthy I want to be both mentally and physically.

I reminded myself that I was allowed to feel my feelings, and to respond to them, it reminded me I was allowed to choose my state of existence and to be unconditionally supported and loved.

It reminded me that I was enough right now and that me growing, stretching and nurturing my love of who I am, were all natural and encouraged.

So this month, I’m re-launching it, because I know these last few weeks in lock down have straight up sucked for some of you. Not necessarily because you couldn’t go outside, but because it caused you to feel unsettled, to face your own thoughts and doubt monster alone and un-equipped.

It forced you into a feeling of melancholy, of panick and of living in the energy of already having failed. Caused to you remember all the stories around why you won’t have a wonderful life or success…It fed your fear based state too.

No more.

You are ready to go a guided journey towards your own power.

Towards realizing what it is, towards getting control over your thoughts, emotions and crystal clear goals.

You’re ready to level the F up!

28 thoughts on “How I’ve Learnt To Reconnect to Source

  1. Glad you have reconnected with yourself, and sorry for your loss grieving is one of the hards things we humans go through. Thanks for sharing the book I love self help books like this have checked it out and plans to buy it.

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    1. The way we lost him was shocking and super abrupt as he hadn’t even been sick. So it really left us reeling and I’m very proud of the Level Up Journal Prompter, that I could use it to help me through that insane time myself.


  2. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, it’s great that you are focusing on taking care of yourself now and have found the tools to help you with it. I have definitely felt stressed about the whole situation and used meditation, speaking to loved ones and reading to keep grounded during those times.

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    1. Thank you KathrinS. Covid-19 did not make this time easy on me or anyone else at all. I’m also so glad you’ve found really cool and awesome ways to keep yourself grounded! and yes I endorse reading as ‘cool and awesome’!

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    1. Thank you luv! It’s still surreal, but with this journalling I’m really getting to a genuine place of contentment that I got to know him and had the time I did and excitement to continue my own life, you know?


  3. These are some trying some times for everyone in one way or another. COVID-19, unemployment, riots, lotting you name it and 2020 has delivered it. Couple with the loss of a parent I could see how you could get in a funk. I’m glad you were able to circle back with your book and remember the tips you discuss.

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  4. Reconnect to yourself is all about control and not giving in to the bs that life throws at you. I personally have some of the same problems that you have. Keep your chin up and I know you will be better. 🙂

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    1. You rock! And you’re so very right. The Level Up Journal Prompter, as I went through the chapters, also helped me to really see who I am to myself and that allowed me to not give into the BS that was being thrown at me anymore!


    1. Thank you so much Kristy. It’s so surreal without him, and having worked through this book, I see things in a much clearer light. I’ll always be sad he’s not here with me, but I will also be super happy we had allll the time we did have and those things I treasure more.


  5. You are so right about thoughts leading to actions. I’d like to check out the Level Up Journal Prompter–it seems like a great way to help yourself refocus on what’s important, what your goals are, and what steps you’ll take to achieve those goals.

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    1. You nailed it on the head, with this resource! The link is in the post and you will not regret working through this book, and you may just be surprised about what you realise as your journal too…I sure was lol


  6. reconnecting with oneself is a valuable tool to utilizes in life, esp during stressful times. I’m glad you have great friends to be there for you. I’m glad you have worked hard to reconnect and make a positive change, I wish you the best!

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  7. I’ll have to check out your book. This year seems to be so challenging for everyone, and it just never ends. I’m hoping things will improve though and we can all end the year in a much better place than how it started.

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    1. I won’t lie, there were many times when I thought this year was out to get me personally, but going through this book, really helped me to remember who I am and how strong I am and how awesome my life is and will continue to be!


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