7 Health Practices to Keep After the Covid-19 Lockdown

I ironically slept more during the lock-down, finally giving into the lessons my cats and dogs taught me about the importance of naps.

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, I was iffy on the whole ‘nap’ idea, as I was a believer of ‘sleep when you’re dead’. I have since banned that paradigm to the farthest parts of the ether.

I found instead of binge watching show and stressing about work, naps after my workouts really calmed me down and left me refreshed !

Another myth I learnt was that having a nap during the day did not infact impair my ability to sleep at bedtime, in fact I slept even better during the night and woke up in a much better frame of mind, ready to take on the day.

Post lock-down, I am definitely making naps a thing. They are here to stay and you can all fight me, but I will never give them up.

21 thoughts on “7 Health Practices to Keep After the Covid-19 Lockdown

  1. My sister & I have been making our own hand sanitizer for a few years now. We started spraying down our shopping carts every time we went shopping about two years ago when our mom contracted E.Coli and her doctor said dirty shopping carts was the likely culprit. People would look at us like we were crazy, but I guess we look pretty sane now. 🙂

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    1. This is amazing! You guys were way before the curve which only some people can appreciate. I bet you’re asked for tips all the time! Dirty shopping carts…its wild what we do not think of.


  2. Even after this lock down is over, I think I will still be wearing a mask and having hand sanitizer in my pocket. It just made me so paranoid that it is like second nature for me now. I will also strive to eat healthy to keep my immune system at its best.

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  3. Washing hands, Santitizin, I had been doing since long before covid-19, I wont give them up. I am an abievert, plus I love staying alone so social distancing I’ll continue. I had always been an insomniac and now that I am with family, goodbye sleep. Mask I really dont plan on giving up ever.

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  4. I’m wearing my mask all the time, in Italy it’s the norm and we’ve all gotten used to it. I was OCD about washing hands regularly before lockdown!

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