My Law of Harmony

Law of Attraction, Law of Vacuums and the Backwards Law…

These are just three of the ‘life laws’ that I’ve come across in the last two years on my journey to understanding how to attract abundance and as I came across each Law, I understood the merit behind it’s ethos, however, the last one I came across stuck in my craw and nothing I did would root it out.

The Backwards Law, so coined by Alan Watts in his 1951 book The Wisdom of Insecurity, talks about how the more you try for one outcome, you’ll get the opposite. 

The example he gives in the book is about the dichotomy of trying to float and sinking, and then trying to actively sink, but the water pushes you back up and makes you float.

“When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink; but when you try to sink, you float. When you hold your breath, you lose it”.

And while these things are true, and bring to mind such physics theories as Archimedes’ Principle and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion,  the more I thought about these laws and tried to reconcile their similar, yet largely differing teachings, it occurred to me that the only way they all work, is through Harmony.

So it’s true that the more you put good vibes into the world, the more good you’ll get back (Law of Attraction) and it’s true that the more you over think on something, the more of the opposite you’ll get (Backwards law) and it’s also true that when you make space, that space will also be filled by something else (Vacuum’s Law).

So how do all of these truths make it into your world?

How do they bring you the abundance and high vibe energy that all the energy workers promise you can have when you ascribe to the Laws?

You realize that it’s all about harmony.

To dive into or float atop water, you have to first understand the water, and understand how to work with it – not against it- to achieve your goals.

One method will require force, another will require relaxation.

To bring more good vibes, means to be in harmony with your own mind and world first.

It means to start changing your mindset about yourself, about joy and fun and letting yourself live freely.

And to get the reaction you want, it means to detach yourself from the outcome and to not over think anymore.

 It means understanding that the over thinking and stressing, and obsessing sends the wrong signals and corrupts your high energy, so start detaching from the outcomes of your goals.

Think about it, when you are in harmony with something, you don’t doubt it, you don’t need to worry or obsess, in fact, you’re confident about it and you’re relaxed.

So think about it.

My law of Harmony and try it.

Daily let yourself choose to be in a relaxed, high vibes and happy space.

 You set the tone, and regardless of whether it’s good or bad, you then harmonise with it, resulting in what you put in.

You made it to the end! Wooot!

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