5 Beauty Related Mood Boosters


Having hydrated, glowing skin is one of the many things that give a nice and instant confidence boost, because to have beautiful skin, it must first be healthy. There is nothing that makes you feel more confident than being healthy and seeing it manifest throughout your body.

Your skin is your largest organ and holds your strongest sense, being able to feel things, so when it’s glowing and healthy, you feel that way as well. The secret to having great skin is to understand your own diet, stay hydrated and eschew stressful situations.

“Every 35 days our skin replaces itself,…  Our skin is constantly changing and regenerating itself, whist remaining waterproof. Any type of exercise, dancing, walking, running and any type of deep breathing, is not only good for your mind and body, but it is also great for your skin,” advises Daphne K Knows, Founder of LAJOIE SKIN and the anti-chafe cream, Calmmé.

12 thoughts on “5 Beauty Related Mood Boosters

  1. One of my favorite beauty mood boosters would be to add a bit of mascara to my look. It draws more attention to my eyes and makes me feel kind of cute. So mascara would definitely be a mood booster for me that is beauty related.

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  2. I agree with you that looking good, makes you feel good. If you look at yourself and feel better, that’s power. There’s a direct correlation between inner beauty and outer beauty – the way you view yourself is the way others view you, too.

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    1. It’s so true. When you feel good about yourself and you get that validation back bu also acknowledging that you also look good, it’s such a beautifully powerful thing! We need to please ourselves first and that’s the truth.


  3. Great tips! Whenever I feel sad or my mood is off, I look at the mirror, tie my hair and apply red or pink lipstick! This trick always works 😀

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