5 Beauty Related Mood Boosters


There is a reason we love getting manicures and pedicures. There is a reason why having strong, healthy nails and then decorating them in fun colours and designs, serve as pretty good mood boosters. Getting your nails done is a self-care luxury that pays dividends over and over again.

Brittney Gibson talks about some of the reasons getting her nails done makes her more confident on Sweety High, “When I decide to get a manicure, it’s one incident where I’m totally selfish and allow someone to do something for me. By treating myself, I feel special, elegant and like I can conquer anything whether it be an interview, a presentation or a first date”.

12 thoughts on “5 Beauty Related Mood Boosters

  1. One of my favorite beauty mood boosters would be to add a bit of mascara to my look. It draws more attention to my eyes and makes me feel kind of cute. So mascara would definitely be a mood booster for me that is beauty related.

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  2. I agree with you that looking good, makes you feel good. If you look at yourself and feel better, that’s power. There’s a direct correlation between inner beauty and outer beauty – the way you view yourself is the way others view you, too.

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    1. It’s so true. When you feel good about yourself and you get that validation back bu also acknowledging that you also look good, it’s such a beautifully powerful thing! We need to please ourselves first and that’s the truth.


  3. Great tips! Whenever I feel sad or my mood is off, I look at the mirror, tie my hair and apply red or pink lipstick! This trick always works 😀

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