You Are NOT the Same Sexual Being Your Ex Knew

Hi guys,

I am actually really excited to bring to you this audio post today, because the subject is so real to me and it is something that I think we need to be open and honest about.

In this post I riff on one of the biggest sexual hurdles women and men have to overcome not only to move on to a new relationship but also to heal and come to terms with your own sexual desires.

Within this post :

>>  I talk about growing and evolving as a person and as a being with sexual wants and desires, a little bit about my own experience and how I got over feeling as if I was a prude.

>> The tips in this post allowed me to be super honest about what I want ( to my partner and myself) when it came to sex and it was such a powerful shift.

>> We talk why BDSM and Vanilla sex both require trust, respect of your boundaries and an open door to explore your desires safely.

You are allowed to feel differently with another person and even want to try something that may have been of the table before, simply because with this new person, you feel safe, you want to experiment and you are ready to.

There is no rush when it comes to sex, in fact it is one of the many activities we will do as adult humans that is natural and goes to your individual pacing, tastes and enjoyment levels. The act is one that connects you to your partner, because of how intimate it is, how you share energies and how you also share health truths.

Click to listen to this audio now and if it feels right, like the post and leave a comment.

You Are NOT The Same Sexual Being Your Ex Knew

20 thoughts on “You Are NOT the Same Sexual Being Your Ex Knew

  1. I think being comfortable with your partner, trusting him and be able to communicate your desires means that you have grown into a more mature individual. It is nice to be able to be open to discuss intimate needs with your partner.

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  2. I think communication is key and it is nice to be able to not only communicate with your partner but with yourself. I am glad you were able to be helped by sharing.

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  3. There is always growth within relationships. We, as humans, always evolve, and that’s also part of the social aspect of humanity: relationships.
    Even in separation, there is growth.
    This was such an interesting take on relationships… Great work!

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  4. I love love love seeing there is an opening in dialogue for stuff like this!! People aren’t being as candid and honest as they should about the evolution of sexuality as a sense of sexual wellness. Once you look at it, you begin to realize how much you’ve changed from who you used to be and how that’s a good thing!!

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    1. Yes! Exactly Jasemine, we as women need to be having candid conversations about sexual wellness and how it impacts our mindsets as well. It is a good thing to allow ourselves to grow happily and securely.


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