How I learnt to Let Life be Easy

Can I really have what I want in this life and can it be easy?

This was the question I struggled with for years upon years and most often than not, the answer I came up with was a resounding ‘no’.

I was taught hardwork, struggling and paying dues were all the benchmarks I had to go though repeatedly, before I could see any hint of success.

I was taught to wait for the inevitable shoe to drop, if anything good ever happened to me and without truly noticing it, this was the way I started to live my entire life.

I started to mistrust people who were kind, friendly and seemed generally good natured, because it reminded me of how I used to be and made me upset that I was no longer that person, but I couldn’t be that person, because all the lessons I’ve learnt ( and learnt well) yelled at me that I had to be guarded, I had to people please, I had to hide  who I was and look to other successful people to show me what my life should look like, what my thoughts should be and what I was allowed to achieve.

Now here’s the thing, you simply cannot have this mindset when you’re looking to do great things. I’m a naturally empathetic person and something ALWAYS felt wrong about this lifestyle, but damn if I could put my finger on what exactly it was.

So years go by and my intuition,- that whispering guardian angel that lives within me- that I would occasionally listen to every now and again, started pestering me and pestering me. It was sick of seeing me settle, sick of seeing me lose confidence and looking for a semblance of affection in the wrong people.

It was tired of me adding unnecessary burdens to my heart, tired of feeling my pain over and over again, tired of me basing my dwindling happiness on beliefs that were designed to drain it.

 So it finally rose up and got my attention.

And one day, after the weeks following a tremendous health scare that I was being treated for, my defenses were down. I was for the first time in a long time, also fed up of the pain, the betrayals and feeling as if I had let myself down.

That’s when I felt the intuitive nudge; taking it as a sign from God that I simply could no longer ignore, I allowed the message to flow into me. It told me there was no need for struggle, no need to burn myself out, no need to make everything complicated.

It explained no one was impressed by any of this.

And I wanted to believe in it so bad, but old habits die really freaking hard and I felt my mind erupt into a civil war. One side preaching that life was always supposed to be joyous and beautiful, the other saying that if it isn’t hard and complicated how will I learn to appreciate it?

Turns out I was not ready for my life to be easy, I wasn’t ready to release my teachings no matter how wrong they felt. I wasn’t ready for my life to be so aligned I could have everything and anything I wanted.

I was fighting tooth and nail for my limitations.

Mind you, I tested the theory a few times and it worked beautifully each time, but it was not enough for me to rehab the 3 decades strong fear addiction. And when that truly hit me- that not only was I choosing to feel crappy and complicate my life, but I was doing so because i was so driven by fear and the need to struggle, I made a real decision to get to the bottom of this need and reprogram my mind.

It was time for me to allow my life to flow. I had seen the evidence for myself. I bought my car cash, I rented  a condo for super cheap and it was in a great natural area, I was in fact never actually short on money, I always got what I wanted even if I didn’t buy it and the coup de grace, I was loved unconditionally by awesome humans!

So when it really sunk in that my life wanted to be easy, that it wanted to be successful and there was no need to stress and struggle, only to listen, align and do.

I finally started to allow things to flow. I finally moved things out of my way and reconnected with my inner being and that rare feeling of harmony and trust.

Life became so easy , I almost started to doubt its longevity again, because the last thing to leave me was the idea that good things could run out and I’d be left holding the proverbial bag. Funny how I never thought bad things could come to an end…

So I went to mindset rehab and I came out so much better for it. It’s a daily effort to reprogram my mind ( 30 years of habits do not change in a week) and each day I get stronger, more confident, more aligned and life is something I want to actively engage in again.

One of the resources I used when I was going through this period was the Level UP Journal Prompter. This book is filled with journal prompts, exercises and insights that I personally used to challenge myself into changing old teachings for new intuitive ones.

It’s easy to say I want better for myself, but as I learnt, it’s not so easy to walk the walk and release the bad habits to receive abundance. Hope and Faith are hard because of those same teachings, but it’s not impossible.

I know you’re ready to do more, to drop the effing struggle and let life actually flow in harmony as it needs to be. I know you’re over feeling as if you have to climb that oil slicked ladder, getting nowhere fast.

Use the book, go through the 9 chapters and allow yourself to expand, to grow and step into the awesome power that is your birthright. Add to your reading list now.

The Role Negativity Plays In Manifesting

Is wrong to tune into your ‘negative’ thoughts?

When manifesting, people become more aware of their thoughts, of the words they speak and the way they think about themselves, and so they become very, very paranoid about what many address as ‘ negative thoughts’.

Of course your words have power, of course your thoughts have power and of course the way you think about yourself is powerful.

You are a powerful, divine being!

You are a million to one in a lifetime chance of being yourself, being in this time and space and being blessed with the talents, world view and ability to share joy to others. You are a unique being.

And with great power, comes great responsibilities.

So yes, you do need to be aware of your thoughts, words and actions because they are all working in conjunction to send signals to the Divine Spirit that’s only job is to give you what you demand.

Think of the Universe/ Holy Spirit as a benevolent God that is totally whipped for you. They want to give you every single thing you want, but here’s the catch.

They have to wait for you to tell them what you want ( free will and all that) and they have no real understanding of good / bad, their language is one of energy and the frequency of which that energy vibrates when it reaches them.

So if you’re feeding your fear based state, you’ll get more problems, more reasons to stress to F out and more of all the things you say you don’t want.


Because that’s all you’re thinking about, all you’re talking about, all you believe and expect will follow you in your life.

So you look for evidence that you are NOT going to make it, and you obsess over it. When asked what you don’t want, you know those answers better than the back of your own hand.  And let’s be honest, we’ve all been in this state for years. All learnt to maneuver around life based on the things we fear ( that’s how we survived).

And that’s also the reason when we do get the things we want, they happen in such a way that it further feeds our fear addiction, our stress and they do not stay good for the length of time they should.

So to move from a fear based state to one of love, so that you actually start getting what you desire , want and are being called to have, you have to do the same thing you’ve been doing with fear, but with love.

So you focus on the things you want,  love the feeling of them, you understand that they will come ( same as with fear, when they do), you find evidence that your life is awesome and moving in a direction of awesome and you allow yourself to connect to you more.

To truly move, you need to address those same ‘negative emotions’, and to do that, you have to tune into them.

They are not here to hurt you, but to feed what you allow them to. They are here to test, to challenge and based on your reaction, your ego ( a vital part of your subconscious personality and the vessel through with the Universe/ Holy Spirit protects you) will continue to feed your thoughts to help you stay safe. This will manifest as either more fear or a feeling of confident intuition.

So no it’s not at all wrong to tune into your ‘negative’ thoughts or emotions. In fact what you should do is allow them to come into your mind, analyze them and listen to what they are actually telling you.

To help you with that, I’m gonna give you an exclusive exercise taken from the Level Up Journal Prompter, where you face your feelings and understand what they are actually telling you.


Tune into you right now and just be. No distractions, no interruptions, just be one with your thoughts and breathe as you are guided to, slowly and deeply.

What is an emotion or thought you are resistant to feeling or thinking.

Identify it. Look at it. Is it ultimately true?

What is present underneath that emotion?

Look at that. Is it true?

Feel your way through your various emotions, noticing the stories you’ve been telling yourself.

Observing what you’ve been telling yourself about your life or goals that do not feel good.

Become aware that these are all concepts and ideas that can be shifted.

What idea, concept, or story would feel better than the one you have been telling to yourself?

Take a break for 10 minutes a day at least and focus on the good feelings and thoughts that are now allowed to surround your happy goals.

Journal on your findings. 

For more amazing exercises, homework, affirmations and journal prompts, on understanding your mindset better, add this book to your reading list right now.

‘Nurture By NAPS’, Launch Will Support Expecting & New Mothers Amidst Pandemic

June 17th was a big day for the Boston NAPS, as the reputable market leader in women’s prenatal and postpartum care, announced the launch of the much anticipated Nurture by NAPS, their new membership program for new and expecting mothers.

Nurture by NAPS, is a subscription membership program which offers accessibility, comfort and community to new mothers.

 The new virtual education program is evidence-based, with an instructional curriculum from women going through pregnancy all the way through the early stages of motherhood.

While I personally have no children of my very own, I am the very proud Aunt to a boy and girl fraternal twin and plaything to a precocious six year old girl, in short I know how stressful and sometimes isolated new mothers can feel as some of my friends have confided their fears, worries and lack of knowledge to me.

This is why when I  was contacted with the release that the Boston NAPS was  going digital, especially in this time of Covid-19- which has not made being pregnant any easier at all, I knew I had to share this to my platform.

As noted by the press release,  the Nurture by NAPS educational platform, seeks to ‘ provide women with scalable, on demand pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting-related courses, procured and instructed by their team of highly-qualified medical professionals’; which is basically means, it’s there to take the guess-work out of your new life adventure- being a new mother.

“We are thrilled to bring our vision to life with the launch of Nurture by NAPS, reflecting our unwavering commitment to provide a healthy combination of medical and real-life mom advice, paired with a non-judgmental, access-from-anywhere community,” remarked Jamie O’Day & Emily Silver, Co-Founders of Boston NAPS. 

Co-Founders Jamie O’Day (BSN, RN, IBCLC) and Emily Silver (MSN, NP-C, IBCLC)

If you are unaware of the Boston NAPS, let me give you some back-story about Co-Founders Jamie O’Day (BSN, RN, IBCLC) and Emily Silver (MSN, NP-C, IBCLC).

These two lovely ladies who are mothers to 5 children combined with over 10 years experience as former Labor and Delivery nurses, founded Boston NAPS in 2011 as a side hustle during their time working together as Registered Nurses in labor and delivery unit of a local hospital where follow up postpartum care was a numerous request by many of their patients.

From there, this experienced and qualified duo worked diligently to help women feel more informed, confident and supported as they navigated pregnancy and of course parenthood.

So did we expect anything less from those who truly understand what others are going through as new mothers and as nurses combined when the pandemic hit the world and globally made it one of the scariest times to be a new mother?

Of course not.

It makes sense to me that the company would not only realize that with social distancing mandates unfolding that they would need to help more mothers on an even larger scale and in response, Nurture by NAPS was created and launched in June of this year.

 It is a very timely launch as according to the March of Dimes, more than 5 million women in the U.S live in ‘maternity care desert’, lacking access to professional obstetric and postpartum care, which means that Nurture by NAPS will be bridging the healthcare accessibility gap for these women who have been underserved in these communities.

“By creating a scalable, on demand curriculum that directly serves expecting and new moms with evidence-based educational content, we’re ultimately transforming the definition of community with digital access, while empowering women to feel confident in their decision-making, and addressing the trials of physical isolation via essential pregnancy, postpartum care and mental health resources,” says Jamie O’Day & Emily Silver, Co-Founders of Boston NAPS. 

You can learn Infant CPR

The Nurture by NAPS platform includes: Video content produced by medical professionals; Live webinars chalk-filled with valuable content; Weekly live Q&A sessions addressing trending topics; “Ask a Nurse” feature that offers parents an opportunity to tap into the expertise of nurses within 24 hours, and more. The programs are categorized chronologically: Pregnancy, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months. Programming starts at $175. (Taken directly from press release)

( Photos taken from

Level Up Your Life in 9 Steps

WTF Is reconnection and why does it matter?

Reconnection to self is when you allow yourself to admit and accept your truths, your vision and your power. It’s legit the process of befriending yourself on the mindset level,  so you know who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing and finally step into your co-creator shoes confidently.

You can sense when you need to reconnect with yourself.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling: foggy brains, restless mind, unavailable for most things that would have brought you some semblance of real heart centered joy, not knowing what would make you feel happy.

It’s shoulder muscles so tense, they constantly touch your ears, it’s feeling your face scowl and frown, it’s headaches, tense jawlines and gritting of teeth.

It’s living in a state of ‘ life won’t be better’ that robs you of your joy.

Here’s the thing:

You know who you are. You know that you want to move far away from this state. You know you want to smile more; you want to laugh, to feel light in your body and safe in the unshakeable knowledge that everything will all turn out for the best in the end.

You want to feel pleasure and way, way less pain.

When you reconnect to yourself, you’ll start to see the world differently; it’s a slow progress that is nothing to shout about with how seamless and easy it will be.

You’ll only notice that you are unavailable to negative thoughts, toxic energy and have no interest in engaging with anything seeking to bring down your vibes.

For me, reconnection was the process of realizing I was living  not for the glory of having this life, but in the state of all things that were never-ending going wrong and using that as reasons to cut myself off from my sources of light.

I was not social, I always felt like I needed to be working ( even as I was frustratingly overwhelmed and stressed out by the business not making as it should), I used my lack of finances and the shame around it to stop myself from enjoying most things. The thought was I’ll enjoy all those things once I reached my goal.

I had lost sight of who I was as Ashlee Cox. I only saw many failures and gave into protecting myself from them at all costs.

Reconnecting with myself, challenged me to move away from that kind of famine, defeating mindset and allowed me to create a new self-fulfilling prophecy.

One that involved a happier, healthier and well rounded Ashlee.

An Ashlee that had allowed herself to grow, to pivot on prioritizing problems that only brought more of the same, to using that same energy to concentrate on her actual goals.

An Ashlee that recognized she didn’t have problems, just signs that she needed a new path to her goal and allowed herself to take them.

An Ashlee that leveled the F up!

And I did it with the help of the Level Up Journal Prompter.

The Level Up Journal Prompter is available right now.

This book with its nine chapters will take you on a journey of self discovery like no other resource can in this day.

Chapters: Reconnection, Limiting Beliefs and Triggers, Stories and Paradigms, Self love, Trust and Belief, Life skills, Goals and Validation, Energy and Manifesting, Support and Boundaries, You, Intuition and the Struggle, Next Level Self .

I researched and wrote these chapters, complete with journal prompts, and strategic homework when I had finally started to allow myself to be more, to receive more and I still use them to this day, when I want to level up again.

There is an energy of accelerated growth within these chapters and a feeling of intentional ease and crystal clear clarity.

You’re ready to grow, ready to move from a state where you attract problems, to one where you easily attract success.

Click here to elevate your life right now.



How I’ve Learnt To Reconnect to Source

Two months ago, I made an active decision to become more spiritually woke. I wanted to move my emotional state from feeling super stressed out about money, Covid- freaking-19, bills, followers, you know , the usually plagues of a solo entrepreneur, who is also dealing with personal stressors.

Without truly acknowledging it, the backlash following the abrupt death of my Dad, shook me and catapulted me right back to unhealthy ways, unhealthy thoughts and I allowed myself to feed my fear so much, it almost exploded from my body.

Then after a few conversations with my friends, and a lot of guided meditations, because let’s be honest, I was OVER feeling the tension in my body, the desperation running amok in my thoughts which only gave me headaches, caused me to grit my jaw so hard, I felt my teeth grinding, and muscle aches in my shoulders because of how freaking tense I was keeping them.

It was also my birthday month (April) and really is there a better time to actively choose to take spectacular care of yourself in not on/ around your birthday?

So that’s what I did.

I’m a huge believer and advocate from mindset work and healing, because as we already know, it all starts with your thoughts and from that it leads to actions that build your lifestyle.

So I had a choice to make.

Give into the pressures of stress, desperation and insidious fear, where I started to lose confidence in just about everything that made me the unique and loving person that I am.


Reconnect to myself. Become an active participant in my life again and CHOOSE what I focus on, how I allow myself to feel, what I am available for and concentrate on the surplus of good that was in my life, if I would only acknowledge them.

So I started on the latter.

Was it easy?

Absolutely not. I learnt how deep rooted my fear based state ran and I started to notice just how often I was actively looking for things to make me feel awful, to feel sad, as excuses to justify giving up on actions, my desires, the works.

Reasons to stay in a state of not quite happiness but not quite bouncing off the walls either.

Then I remembered this book: The Level Up Journal Prompter.

It’s the book I created to help me out of this kind of funk.

Within it I go through 9 Chapters which challenge you to move from stuck and playing small to being your Next Level Self.

The self that allows you to take the next step in your life confidently, that allows you to get clear on your goals, get clear on shifting your limiting beliefs and the lifestyle you are calling towards yourself.

From learning how to reconnect with myself and challenging myself to answer the journal prompts openly and honestly- no running from myself- to actually doing the homework and slowly becoming more and more aware of my progress, of my many victories, of how strong I am and will continue to be, I felt super inspired and motivated.

This book, which is loaded with insights I am straight up impressed came out of me, was  perfect to move me again, to gain clarity in my mind and remind myself of how powerful I actually am, of how healthy I want to be both mentally and physically.

I reminded myself that I was allowed to feel my feelings, and to respond to them, it reminded me I was allowed to choose my state of existence and to be unconditionally supported and loved.

It reminded me that I was enough right now and that me growing, stretching and nurturing my love of who I am, were all natural and encouraged.

So this month, I’m re-launching it, because I know these last few weeks in lock down have straight up sucked for some of you. Not necessarily because you couldn’t go outside, but because it caused you to feel unsettled, to face your own thoughts and doubt monster alone and un-equipped.

It forced you into a feeling of melancholy, of panick and of living in the energy of already having failed. Caused to you remember all the stories around why you won’t have a wonderful life or success…It fed your fear based state too.

No more.

You are ready to go a guided journey towards your own power.

Towards realizing what it is, towards getting control over your thoughts, emotions and crystal clear goals.

You’re ready to level the F up!

It All Starts With the Mind

If there is one thing that this blog has always been about, it’s about understanding emotions, mindset and raising the vibrations of our souls.

I’ve been writing about love, mindset shifts and how to go after your dreams from the inception and this is something I will always do, because I know that this is one of the most important pillars to changing or maintaining the way your life is going!

Intuition, feeding your energy and understanding your own power is something I had to understand and get behind before I could truly be honest about the desires I had, the dreams I wanted to go after and did the work around seeing myself actually achieve these things with ease.

So I know how important my mind is. It is legit my best resource and the thing that not only guides my behavior, but also impacts and affects the way I see the world, the way I receive things.

Mental health, spiritual health, and self-care, are all super important to anyone who wants to live a happier, amazing life that feels so freaking right to you.

So let’s talk about it all.

Let’s talk about how sometimes it all seems crazy, too much and we want it to feel much better. Let’s talk about how detachment is not actually a bad thing and let’s talk about how feelings legit can shape your lifestyle and how we can do it all better.

This is why I’m inviting you to join in the discussion on the topics of body image, self image, health, diets and even sex when you subscribe to the Ash Files on Patreon.

It is my dream to create a community of open, free thinkers who are willing and brave enough to talk honestly about the things we are all going through when it comes to this aspect of life and to inspire others to learn from our mistakes and successes.

I love sharing and being well informed about things as well and that is what the Ash Files is all about.

It is my hope that when you join me in the Ash Files that we can share our dreams, expertise and stories in a safe, open and honestly judgment free zone, where we can get to know each other loads more and better.

There will also be giveaways, excerpts from the books I’ll be working on writing and a host of other things to enjoy when you sign up.

There is no designated price to enter the Ash Files, it is a give what you can kind of membership, with the tiers starting at $3 and going to $100 if you feel so inclined monthly. This membership as you can guess why it is on Patreon, also works to help this blog and this writer to stay growing.

Thanks so much for joining me and you can subscribe here.

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How Love and Lust Affects Us All

When it comes to love, relationships and lust, the sky is the limit for how awesome or awful the experiences can be.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to dating, to finding your soulmate or when you’ve just had enough and want to be single forever. It seems as if you’re either dating the wrong person, or you are dating the right person at the wrong time, or you’ve finally hit pay dirt and your relationship is happy and strong…but whoops, don’t start getting comfy yet!

In short, something is always fucking up.

So let’s talk about it.

I wrote 7 articles touching various aspects of love and lust, including why you need to look deeper than what’s on paper for your lover, how your friends could be setting the standard for your partner and the ever popular post on why we are so into the praise kinks, because it was time for us to talk openly and honestly about what we really are expecting from relationships and ourselves.

I love exploring the ever intriguing sides, aspects and constructs surrounding our journey towards love, finding your soul mates and actually living with our partners. It’s always so different for everyone and yet, so very similar and relatable.

This is why I’m inviting you to join in the discussion on the topics of love, lust, relationships, break ups and even BDSM when you subscribe to the Ash Files on Patreon.

It is my dream to create a community of open, free thinkers who are willing and brave enough to talk honestly about the things we are all going through when it comes to this aspect of life and to inspire others to learn from our mistakes and successes.

I love sharing and being well informed about things as well and that is what the Ash Files is all about.

It is my hope that when you join me in the Ash Files that we can share our dreams, expertise and stories in a safe, open and honestly judgment free zone, where we can get to know each other loads more and better.

There will also be giveaways, excerpts from the books I’ll be working on writing and a host of other things to enjoy when you sign up.

There is no designated price to enter the Ash Files, it is a give what you can kind of membership, with the tiers starting at $3 and going to $100 if you feel so inclined monthly. This membership as you can guess why it is on Patreon, also works to help this blog and this writer to stay growing.

Thanks so much for joining me and you can subscribe here.

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The Ash Files : The Best Place Ever on Patreon

The Ash Files is what I named the first email newsletter I ever tried to do.

I quickly realized however that emailing was not for me. That did not stop me from trying and failing, and trying and failing again and again, as every single blog and expert on the Internet were chanting, ‘You have to build your email list!”.

The thing is I am not a fan of emails.

When I tried to do the email sequencing, I quickly realized this was more complicated than I was ready for, because 1) I don’t like sending emails unless it’s a conversation we’re having and 2) I have a whole blog that I love, and honestly I prefer that platform to the emails the blog would be notifying you of anyway.

I’m not a fan of regularly checking my emails, or trying to send you info that you honestly may not even want and I did not want to become an annoying spammer to those who had entrusted me with entry into their inbox.

There had to be another way.

A way for us to mutually communicate with each other, for me to be clear in what I was going to send you; a way that I could do this on a platform and in a way that I felt good about.

This way, I’m realizing is Patreon.

I was super skeptical at first because it wasn’t my blog and I felt it was going to be a lot of extra work, that I wasn’t sure I was yet ready for and what if no one liked the benefits?

As it turns out, I realized that was me being super lazy and this is an open platform where I can infact allow things to flow in a different way than they would on the blog.

 I could continue to thank my awesome blog community here, by offering exclusive things and gifts.

I love blogging and playing with the way I do my posts, utilizing photos, text, video and even audio when the mood strikes me and Patreon allows me that flexibility. It allows me to share exclusively with my fans and it allows you to enter at whatever sales tier you want.

It’s simple, casual and I don’t feel pressured to always be in your inboxes, selling to you. Rather, I can simply update you on what it’s like being me, my quirky experiences, the challenges I face, the victories I’m celebrating and the work I’m doing.

We can discuss the latest posts on the blog among loads of other themes and create a community that can grow into so much more.

I’m super excited for that and I know you are too.

I’ve longed to be able to have conversations around some things that happen in life that I may not be ready to create a post around, and I know that I’m not the only one going through the insanities that life can throw at a person.

I know that it is always easier and faster to move through things when you can share it with another awesome person who actually wants to support you and see you win!

I do know that the way I deal with things is unique, the way I see the world has shifted and will again and I am excited to share this journey of figuring out my life, understanding my own energy and power and becoming the ‘Next Level Me’, I’ve always known I can be, while hearing the same from you!

Let’s talk about ALL the Things!

Here’s what you will get when you subscribe to the Ash Files.

>> Ask me anything drives (these can be answered either in a written post/ Live or podcast, Ashlee decides)

>> Links to the latest posts on the blog.

>> Discussion threads and polls on various topics

>> Exclusive members only podcast with Ashlee

>> Excerpts from the works she is writing

>> Random gifts and giveaways

>> First to know when Ashlee will be going live

Subscribe to the Ash Files and let’s get to know each other even better.

Let’s Talk Body and Beauty

Is there one person who is able to read about health, body image and see those people with the glowing skin that doesn’t get super insecure about their own body and their own style of beauty?

I for sure am not one of them. I have a long and storied history with body image and body-positivity, that I’m still working on healing.

This year, before the pandemic locked us all inside, before my world personally heaved so hard I felt sick for a few months, I was writing posts on Body and Beauty, because I was tired of the same old, same old.

I wanted body and beauty articles to mean more than exercise, diets and the latest make up and fashion ads. I wanted to create articles that showed how to take care of your skin, for those who were just as confused by the plethora of skin ointments, toners and gadgets that did too much.

I wanted to be able to understand how my metabolism worked, what skin health really meant and how to feel pretty for the hardest person to please at times,  you.

This was about loving yourself, for yourself and feeling sexy for yourself.

We are the first and only ones who can love ourselves so fiercely, deeply and conditionally and that includes our bodies and the things we put them through.

So I did my research on different aspects of body and beauty health, and wrote 7 articles around them, including special attention to healthy during and after the enforced covid-19 lockdown.

So if you’re like me and you want to share more, learn more and just support each other as we open up about body and beauty health and what they mean to you, then I have the place for you!

This is why I’m inviting you to join in the discussion on the topics of body image, self image, health, diets and even sex when you subscribe to the Ash Files on Patreon.

It is my dream to create a community of open, free thinkers who are willing and brave enough to talk honestly about the things we are all going through when it comes to this aspect of life and to inspire others to learn from our mistakes and successes.

I love sharing and being well informed about things as well and that is what the Ash Files is all about.

It is my hope that when you join me in the Ash Files that we can share our dreams, expertise and stories in a safe, open and honestly judgment free zone, where we can get to know each other loads more and better.

There will also be giveaways, excerpts from the books I’ll be working on writing and a host of other things to enjoy when you sign up.

There is no designated price to enter the Ash Files, it is a give what you can kind of membership, with the tiers starting at $3 and going to $100 if you feel so inclined monthly. This membership as you can guess why it is on Patreon, also works to help this blog and this writer to stay growing.

Thanks so much for joining me and you can subscribe here.

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How I Turned My Failings into Gold

For years, my friends have been coming to me for love, life and boundaries advice.

Hi, I’m Ashlee and all my life I’ve been the friend that everyone could call on to help them through just about any rough patch. I’m open, honest and am an expert in actively listening.

Recently, I’ve suffered from a serious bout of Imposter Syndrome, because how could I be giving advice, when my marriage failed and I had to move back in with my parents?

I felt like a failure and a loser.

And that’s just it.

 I felt that way about myself because I thought I was supposed to feel that way, while I dwelled and pined over what I decided I had lost.

In so doing, I hadn’t acknowledged that I had been strong enough to walk away from a relationship that had run its course, because we had both checked out.

 I wasn’t giving myself the praise for moving back to a place where I knew I could catch my breath and start anew safely, while having the space and time needed to heal the trauma and continue to create a life I loved.

The things that I was being so harsh on myself for, were in fact more proof of what I could do and the boundaries I was creating for my life, and the help of those same friends I realized that my experience was valuable.

I gained insights, knowledge and experience while transforming in the version of myself I thought I was in those years and so did the way I perceived situations and gave advice.

Today, I can say that I am transformed and wildly happier than I have ever been. And it shocks so many people who have heard or know of my story over the past few years, because I made a decision about how I wanted to feel and I decided to know about myself and my way forward.

Now I am  even more open to new experiences, I honor and respect  my body, my mind and my spirit and l have learnt more about how to use my energy to positively shape my life and impact those around me.

Often, the things we think are our shortcomings, are actually adding to our strengths because of how we dealt with them, how we chose to let them impact and affect us and gives us that real time credibility and relatability.

I know what I’m talking about when I talk or write about the topics I do on this blog, but more importantly, I know, respect and actively pursue learning from others as well.

That is one of the many reasons I’m inviting you to subscribe to the Ash Files. This is my private community, via Patreon where we can break down not just the posts on the blog, but share stories, experiences and you can ask me just about anything.

This is where I will also share what I’m working on with you, give you BTS of my life and of course do giveaways as much as I can.

Most importantly, this is the zone where I get to communicate with you, create that community and talk about things that need to be open and in the air. It’s so important to be able to share ideas, to share wisdom and to support each other.

Whether it is about love, lust, relationships, mindset, spirituality, body health and aspects around beauty, it is my hope that we can simply discuss it all and share from our hearts.

Here you will be able to read exclusive posts, excerpts and dive into specific discussions about all the constructs that shape this thing we call life.

Can’t wait to see you there!  Certain giveaways end after an allotted time period. I wouldn’t wait.

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