5 Beauty Related Mood Boosters

It’s no secret that life can be hectic, stressful and frustrating, however, just as there are foods to boost your mood and increase your confidence, there are some self-care practices that goes a very long to increase your good mood and give you the shot of confidence you will need as you go through your day.

Looking good, makes you feel good and all you’ll need throughout the day is a mirror.

7 Health Practices to Keep After the Lockdown

If anyone had told me there would be a global pandemic that would lock-down the entire world and confine humans to their homes, stopping all manufacturing and travelling, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed.

Prior to 2020, none of that seemed even remotely possible!

And yet, here we are.

Across the globe we have all faced the exact same challenges, with the pandemic known as the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Thanks to this virus and the way it so quickly infected people and some animals, with its varying aggressive strains, we as the human race had to take a hard look at our health practices and drastically upgrade them.

As I write this, many countries around the world are beginning to reopen up their businesses and people are coming out of quarantine, and interacting with each other in person again, after months of online socializing , but even as we are aware there must now be a ‘new normal’ as there is yet no marketable vaccine for this highly contagious virus, I know there are many practices that will continue to be enforced as good health practices, even after the epic time of Covid-19.

For me, here are the top personal practices that I’m going to be practicing forever!

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Your Metabolism: More Important than You Think

When you hear the word ‘metabolism’ the thoughts that pop up are usually along the lines of the body burning calories when active. Metabolism brings to mind sweat, weights and movement in the gym, however, the process is much more than simply the body burning calories.

Metabolism literally means ‘a state of change’ and whether you’re in the middle of a deep sleep, reading a book or playing with your pets, the body is always active. There is never a time when you’re not using calories, because the body is always storing and consuming energy as well as building up and breaking down molecules necessary to maintain health.

That process is what metabolism is all about and why when it is working as it should, you don’t feel sluggish or fatigued; rather you’re full of energy throughout the day and have brighter moods. This is also the reason why it’s easier to gain muscle mass and lose fat, because your body is sending the right hormone signals to your metabolic system.

Is it any surprise then that the body tries its best to tightly control this process?

Metabolism is a super important process in the body and so to keep control, the body sends out swarms of hormones to travel throughout it.

The connection between your hormones and metabolism influences everything in your body, so checking your hormone levels can give you a great gauge of how healthy your metabolism and overall body really are.




What your metabolism actually does for your body and why the process is vital

Liz Lyster, M.D., an ob-gyn in Foster City, California, who specializes in hormone imbalances, explains why harmones and metabolism goes hand in hand.

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Skin Care: The Essentials You Need To Know

Much to my friend’s chagrin, I never understood the need for a skin care routine.  Growing up, I felt there was a certain stigma associated to being ‘one of those girls’, you know the ones, the ones who were forever moisturizing, the ones who very girly and had to maintain their appearance and I began associating being girly with most ‘ self- care’ routines.

So I lost my interest in make-up, only cared about skin care when I needed to get rid of a pimple and moisturized once a day. I had a lip balm because I didn’t like cracked lips, but those were the only concessions I allowed myself, because I thought being a ‘ real girl’ meant spending less time being vain and more time being productive.

As I got older, I began to realize how important my skin and overall health actually was and started to slowly move out of the mindset that taking care of myself was vain or shallow, instead I noticed the health benefits, however, I then felt overwhelmed by the sheer about of products out there that seemed necessary.

So yeah, I abandoned ship again.

Recently, after a very thorough massage, the masseur told me my skin was too dry… that made no sense to me; my skin was clear and glowing right?

The culture shock after she explained that I needed a better skin care regiment , including needing to protect myself from UV rays, made me realize that maybe I needed to bite the proverbial bullet and figure out a regimen that made sense to me.

If you’re like me, buckle up as I break down the real things you need for your skin and as it turns out, it’s not that difficult!



what awaits you:

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Lingerie: Your Secret Power

Power suit? Check. Business Tie? Check. Button up? Double check.

Lingerie…Wait what?

When it comes to clothes that exude power and the idea of confidence, we think of the manlier type of clothes right, and the idea that lingerie could rank up there seems abit incredulous, because lingerie in many of our minds have no place outside of the bedroom.

When we think of power, assertiveness and confidence, it’s hard to reconcile those attributes with the idea of femininity because of how often we think of those things as masculine. So the idea of wearing lingerie under your power suit?

Nope, that would be a sign of weakness right?

Turns out, it could be the extra boost of confidence you need!




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Breaking the Fast Gently Before 11 am

It’s been eight whole hours or longer since you’ve last consumed anything and now that you are conscious again and aware of your world, so is the untamed beast that is your growling stomach.

What do you do?

Some have conditioned themselves to just ignore their tummy’s demands, choosing to get dressed for work, maybe grabbing a coffee and maybe a banana or muffin on their way to the office.

Others take the ‘ breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ to heart and go ham on pancakes, eggs, sausages and baked beans, while others take just a bit more care of their stomach’s needs, choosing to drink a smoothie and get their hit of necessary vitamins and proteins.

Depending on your routine, your obsession with health and your own personal beliefs on breakfast, the way you decide to break your fast when your eyes open to a new day is all subjective, however, there are things that most experts agree on when it comes to breaking any fast, and it includes taking it slow, being gentle on your stomach and being healthy.




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Jody Braverman, certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and yoga teacher, also weighs in on this breakfast hot-topic!

The reasons why your metabolism and entire body will thank you for reading this article and sprucing up your diet!