Wish of the Week: Belle Radici Wine

Belle Radici

Price:  less than $50

Why We’re Curious:

Anyone who has met me for more than 5 minutes know that I love wine and I love wrestling, so of course, I’m beyond curious about the Belle Radici wine, founded by WWE’s former wrestlers, turn mega entrepreneurs, The Bella Twins,  Nikki and Brie Bella ( real names, Stephanie Nicole Garcia and Brianna Danielson).

I also am an avid reality tv show watcher, should something pique my curiosity and Total Divas and Total Bellas are very entertaining and offered me a much coveted chance to slay my ever growing curiosity about wrestler’s life and travelling…but now back to the wine.

I remember when the Bella’s made the inspired choice to try their hand at wine making, since like me, they loved the fermented grape goodness and thanks to television and the invasion of cameras, I felt as if I got to see the product come to fruition ( pun totally intended).

Belle Radici according to their website is Italian for ‘beautiful roots’ and is a nice way of describing the diverse team behind the making of this wine.

The reviews on their facebook page have been pretty phenomenal, which does nothing to curb by envy and want!

Exhibit A : “Maggie Douglas recommends Belle Radici. I was “graciously” blessed with just a taste of this heavenly nectar, and was VERY impressed! The bouquet, the fullness of flavor with a sweet hint of fruitiness….. truly one of the finest, most delicious wines I’ve ever had!”

So far they have three choices, the Belle Radici Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, Belle Radici Red Napa Valley and the Belle Radici Chardonnay Reserve Napa Valley

I’m not huge on red wine, but I would love to try all three of these. Who is with me? Who has tried, let me know!

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Wish of the Week: Savage Lingerie

Savage X Cotton Jersey Bralette and  High Leg Bikini  ( Blue Cush Floral Print)

Price:  $25

Why We’re Curious:

Now I’m not usually one for any kind of floral print anything, but the moment I saw this bralette and the bikini bottom, from the Savage X Fenty collection, which for anyone living off the grid, is the lingerie line from Superstar and Mega Entrepreneur Rihanna.

I’m slowly getting into more lingerie, for myself as an added boost to my self-esteem and body love and I love, the colour blue so much!

The Lingerie line , Rihanna states is not for the male gaze, but for the female. And the website encourages women to live unapologetically as themselves, embracing all of them. I’m sold on the messaging and also on the cuts of these sets!

The reviews, have also been exactly the kind of thing to make me wanna wear them forever, and I’m not into bralettes, because they usually do not support the more chesty of women, but I’d try these!

Look at this review:

Super comfy!

I have to admit, I was skeptical about this coming in my VIP box because bralettes with no padding or minimal support don’t usually work out for me and my “girls” (I’m a 34DD). I was delightfully surprised, though, to find that this actually fit quite well! Now, I wouldn’t wear this out unless I was wearing a bulky sweatshirt because it doesn’t provide much support, but it’s perfect for lounging around! I can see myself putting this on when I’m relaxing all day or when I come home from work.


Size: M

Ok, gang, who has any Savage X Fenty lingerie and tell me how comfy is it really!

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Wish of the Week: Sleep Dress

SKIMS Sleep Dress (black)

Price:  $56

Why We’re Curious:

Ok, so we all know that I love watching Reality TV, so DUH I also watch Keeping Up With the Kardashian. IDGAF, it’s a guilty pleasure and I am ok with it. So anyway, I was all very interested in Kim’s newest entrepreneurial project, SKIMS, especially since, I’ve never tried shapewear that felt good, but I figured one of the Leaders of the Spanx revolution would change all of that.

Seriously though, the one time I tried to wear compression clothing for my stomach, I felt like my organs were being rearranged and I was immediately over it.

 Let the body flow then, as long as I could breathe and still feel human!

So yeah I was curious about Skims, but then they brought out their Lounge wear and baby, it’s like they were talking directly to me. I live in Barbados and the concept of ‘ house clothes’ is REAL here, so this Sleep dress, which comes in onyx, bone and slate is one of the comfy things I’m craving.

Easy clothes, comfy and fit for everyday wear….oh and it’s machine washable?

That’s me!

I rarely wear bodycon, but I totally would with this one, because it just looks like it can handle these curves, without trying to strictly contain me too tightly. I need some give baby.

Ok fam, I cannot be the only Skim Curi-ast here, so spill the deets and let me know about this product!

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Wish of the Week: Copa Cagna

Copa Cagna

Price:  $20

Why We’re Curious:

All wine drinkers have that one friend who when it comes to buying wine, it’s a whole production. They want to know the vintage, and they are all very elegant and dare I say downright snobby about getting the ‘right kind of wine’…luckily for the rest of us, who just like the taste of wine, there’s a brand out there just for us.

Leah Van Dale, also known as Carmella from her WWE persona has a wine brand that proudly proclaims that they are not for ‘ wine snobs’ and I am here for it!

Capo Cagna roughly translates to ‘boss bitch’ and the mission of the winery, is make their customers to feel like a million dollars without breaking the bank and just owning who you are unapologetically.

Yeah, I can get behind that.

They offer two bottles, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay and honestly, they look so good I want to taste!

So people, who have tried them out yet? Let me know!

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Wish of the Week: $8 Anticavity Toothpaste

Moon Anticavity With Fluoride
Whitening Toothpaste

Price:  $7.99

Why We’re Curious:

First of all, I’m totally into their monochromatic IG and I totally thought  Kendall Jenner was one of the models for the brand, but after more research, I realized she had teamed with  Shaun Neff to create her own side hustle!
So do I want to elevate my routine?

I do, Moon, I do.

And that’s why I’m so interested in the Anti-cavity with fluoride whitening toothpaste. I’m not concerned with the whitening, but I am all in with the anti-cavity aspect of it. I have a sweet tooth the size of Barbados and cavities are not things I wanna play around with.

The toothpaste is vegan and animal cruelty free and was accepted by the American Dental Association to help prevent cavities with fluoride.

I’m interested in toothpaste for the first time in my life, since seeing the old Reach toothbrush ads, also very interested in what the fecking frack Elixir X is lol.

Any moon fans out there? What’s your fave product?

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Wish of the Week: Sleep Mask

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

Price:  $17

Why We’re Curious:

There is something about wearing a sleep-mask that makes me feel extra fabulous and elegant, like I’m a star on a movie or a reality TV show and need to get those 8 hours of R.E.M sleep.

I’ve had several sleep masks; because I honestly love the idea of optional black out where I can immerse myself in dark calmness, when listening to my sleep music and recently, this particular one caught my eye.

The MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men and Women, just look super comfy with its contoured cup for the eyes and the bridge of the nose and the adjustable strap. It’s small and easy to travel with and it comes with ear plugs.

When I travel I’m totally going to be looking for this product. Anyone out there, tried it yet?

Let me know what you think, the reviews have been pretty great!

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