Early 2020, like around January a few months before the threat of Covid-19 hit the island of Barbados, I decided I wanted to create articles like I did as a journalist.

So for around 30 to 40 days I challenged myself to write at least an article a day, complete with serious online research and links to the original sources.

 I chose the three categories, Beauty & Body, Mind & Soul and Love & Lust as I felt these were the areas that we mostly think about when it comes to living life.

The Beauty & Body category was chosen because at that time, I was learning how to actually take care of my body and going through a mindset shift where I gave myself permission to learn more about body and beauty care, without the old perception of it being ‘shallow’.

The Love & Lust articles were because I’m a hopeless romantic and I love showing up the BS that we as a society can place on different kinds of relationships, as well as working to show that love and lust are healthy things.

Mind & Soul were the most precious out of the categories, because I’m learning more about mindsets, spirituality, mindfulness and becoming more self aware and appreciative of what I have right now!

These, the  first set of articles were super fun to conceptualize and I had loads of entertainment when I started to do the standard research on them, learning more about the concepts and man did I enjoy writing about what I’d found!

I love that I got to feel like a journalist again and to try out different writing styles as I did.

These articles which I have decided to feature freely on the blog are the work of a person who thoroughly enjoyed their creation, so much that she also made them into e-books.

You can get them as mobi and ePub formats as well, to chill and read whenever you want.

I am offering the e-books as a way to support the blog, so as to offset costs of ads (I’m not a fan of ads on my site) and to ensure that I can keep things free and flowing on here.

It has taken me a while to truly start living properly up to my unscripted motto, but I’m super happy that I’ve started and will be sharing the journey with you on the blog!

Thank you loads for supporting and contributing to the success of this website in any way you can!

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