Wish of the Week: Savage Lingerie

Savage X Cotton Jersey Bralette and  High Leg Bikini  ( Blue Cush Floral Print)

Price:  $25

Why We’re Curious:

Now I’m not usually one for any kind of floral print anything, but the moment I saw this bralette and the bikini bottom, from the Savage X Fenty collection, which for anyone living off the grid, is the lingerie line from Superstar and Mega Entrepreneur Rihanna.

I’m slowly getting into more lingerie, for myself as an added boost to my self-esteem and body love and I love, the colour blue so much!

The Lingerie line , Rihanna states is not for the male gaze, but for the female. And the website encourages women to live unapologetically as themselves, embracing all of them. I’m sold on the messaging and also on the cuts of these sets!

The reviews, have also been exactly the kind of thing to make me wanna wear them forever, and I’m not into bralettes, because they usually do not support the more chesty of women, but I’d try these!

Look at this review:

Super comfy!

I have to admit, I was skeptical about this coming in my VIP box because bralettes with no padding or minimal support don’t usually work out for me and my “girls” (I’m a 34DD). I was delightfully surprised, though, to find that this actually fit quite well! Now, I wouldn’t wear this out unless I was wearing a bulky sweatshirt because it doesn’t provide much support, but it’s perfect for lounging around! I can see myself putting this on when I’m relaxing all day or when I come home from work.


Size: M

Ok, gang, who has any Savage X Fenty lingerie and tell me how comfy is it really!

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Lingerie: Your Secret Power

Power suit? Check. Business Tie? Check. Button up? Double check.

Lingerie…Wait what?

When it comes to clothes that exude power and the idea of confidence, we think of the manlier type of clothes right, and the idea that lingerie could rank up there seems abit incredulous, because lingerie in many of our minds have no place outside of the bedroom.

When we think of power, assertiveness and confidence, it’s hard to reconcile those attributes with the idea of femininity because of how often we think of those things as masculine. So the idea of wearing lingerie under your power suit?

Nope, that would be a sign of weakness right?

Turns out, it could be the extra boost of confidence you need!




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