The Key to Feeling Young Again

Beauty tips, cute clothes, hours logged in the gym and a strict diet regimen-, these are the things that we turn to when we want to feel happy again; when we want to recapture the spark of our youth, and make our bodies feel GREAT again!

And all of those things work, they help us to be healthier, to feel more confident and to even look at the world with a wider, more rose tinted and relaxed lens, however, these things are not enough.

They are perfect and essential for a balanced life don’t get me wrong, but these things are only half of the coin when it comes to being truly healthy and living that youthful life.

So what is the other half?

It’s the intangible side of you; it’s the part of you that controls your desires, your emotions and even whether you even do any of the above activities!

It’s the side of you that allows you to perceive the world around you and lives right in your heart.  Mental and mindset health don’t always get the credit and due diligence they deserve and over time we have tried to make them sound much better, talking about self care, self love, passions and goals.

No matter what you call it, this intangible side of you is the difference between you reaching your goals and living the kind of life you desire or you feeling muggy, stuck and n stasis, crumpled by stress.

This side of you, the side that should be ruled by your intuition also needs exercise, it needs to be nourished and it needs to be maintained so that you feel not only young again but energetic and unconditionally happy.

It is what will allow you to face your fears, conquer your challenges and stand back up with a huge grin on our face when you are knocked down.

To guide you towards the balanced health of that side of you, we at Ashlee Unscripted created the Level Up Journal Prompter.



This book will take you on an insightful journey through your own life and help you to paint the picture of who you intend to grow into next.

It tackles some of the most common pain points as well as pleasure centres  of that side of you and allows you space to vent out not only your frustrations, but also the things you really, really, really want!

Journaling has always been a great way for me to bring the things in my subconscious out into the open where I could look at them and really see them, really acknowledge these wants, desires and also the hurdles.

Says, Ashlee Cox, author of the Level Up Journal Prompter.

This particular book is filled with prompts, insights and actionable tasks that I myself took when I was going through a mindset transition and I felt awful, but knew there had to be more to this and as I face the pain points, I created the journal as well.”

This is a labour of love she is quick to point out and as such she admits that she was skeptical of compiling the questions and thought s she had gone through into a product and release it into the world, but over time, when more of her readers responded to her messages on trying to get their life on track, and expressing their want to feel younger, happier and like they were growing into an enhanced version of themselves, she put the prompter for sale.

It is really for anyone who is trying to figure their life out and want to get back to heart and center. It’s for the person who wants to truly feel young again and be really healthy, because they are taking care of both sides of themselves and allowing themselves to truly grow!” said Ashlee.

Some of the topics covered within the prompter include, reconnecting to the self, repurposing limiting beliefs and conquering mental blocks, understanding the importance of energy and what you are expending yours on, as well as breaking down manifesting abundance and understanding how energy ties it all together.


The Biggest Misconception About Limiting Beliefs and Mental Blocks Blown Up!

Today I’m spilling the tea on limiting beliefs, mental blocks and trigger moments and why they manifest in the way that they do!

Limiting beliefs just as the name implies are those ‘negative’ and challenging thoughts that swirl in our head so much that you begin to believe them as facts. They are the thoughts that keep you from believing your success is possible and can drive you to take actions that are not in alignment with our progress.

So where do they come from?

Usually when you are truly being attacked by your limiting beliefs there are for three main reasons.

  • Sometimes you create beliefs that are so far from our current circumstances that your minds simply do not believe in the possibility of it coming true in the way you want them to.
  • You create our beliefs and mantras while ignoring your internal alarm systems that are protesting the insanity of this belief.
  • You create these beliefs as shields when our goals are too big, frightening and you’re scared to fully commit.

Contrary to EVERYONE’s belief of limiting beliefs, I do not think they are bad things, infact I think they are your Ego’s best work in terms of not only protecting you, but also gauging where you actually stand on your own belief system.

Lemme explain that more.




We go more indepth about how your limiting beliefs are triggers, examples and strategies to resolve each type.

We break down how to use these limiting beliefs in a unique way to cement success.

Your ego’s one job and how to get it to really allow you to expand more

The imaginative ways self healing and doing the inner work, makes facing your fears and limiting beliefs so much easier.

Techniques to challenge your limiting beliefs and step into your unique and awesome power to create your desired lifestyle.

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How My Epic Failures Allowed for a Fully Free Life

It never occurred to me that just 4 months after my 30th birthday I’d be moving back in with my parents, especially when I had successfully done all the things I had been told to accomplish and a bit more by age 27.

I was an amazing journalist who got to cover all the top shows and pageants, who was schmoozing with Ambassadors and got specially invited to their functions.

I was even one of the extremely few journalists to be allowed to cover an event in the depths of the American Embassy in Barbados all while making decent pay.

I lived with my husband who supported my dreams and wanted to happily build our family together and we had not too long moved from our starter home in a really nice community, into an amazing townhouse styled apartment which was even closer to his work.

My family both biological and the in laws, all got along and I received nothing but love from my husband’s family. His mom was like my second maid-of-honour!

My new neighbours were fun and awesome. And I was ecstatic when my friend Jax moved in next door and we had our wine and chill nights with one of our other neighbours, Jen, a working single mother of one.

I was living the dream of writing for a living, I fully owned my car  and was about to launch a new business with one of my best friends- turned sister (we got so extremely close that people really thought we could be twins- despite us looking nothing alike lol), while launching my own solo business in graphic design!

(read: Can you spell busy bee?)

So what the hell happened?!

How did I go from living that life, to moving back with my parents’ seconds away from being absolutely  destitute and willing myself  not cry because I was sure I would flood the parish, if not the whole country?

Turns out the things that look great on paper aren’t always that great or long lasting, particularly when they are not your END goals, but you decide you can settle for them.

Ashlee Cox of Ashlee Unscripted




what awaits you

Ashlee takes you on a journey of how her seemingly awesome lifestyle, was not what it seemed.

We get insights from her job, the good, the bad and the reasons why she felt compelled into becoming an entrepreneur.

Ashlee gets vulnerable and heartbreakingly honest about how her marriage failed, the lessons she learnt from it and how it’s allowed her to build a much healthier and better future.

She talks about the journey of starting over from seemingly scratch and how she figured out to stop punishing herself for it.

She pinpoints the differences in her mindset then and now

How she learnt to forgive herself and allow a future filled with hope and renewed faith

She talks about her life now and the amazing things she is up to now

She talks about  the things she had to release and learn to enjoy her present.

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The thing that pulled me from the brink of energetic extinction!

I am so passionate about helping people gain clarity of self and nurture their growth mindset, that I literally made it my business.

My experience in this field started not surprisingly with my friends first, because they would come to me  and still do- for relationship advice, to vent and  to just have a safe, stress free sounding board.

And they would contact me at times when they just could not see past their own anger or mistake or was scared by something in their relationships and I would be the one they would either call or literally drive to visit and we’d have a session.

If they were by my house, we would go for a walk as I live in the country side and nature is awesome for heart to hearts or we would go to the beach and walk along the sand, listening to the waves crash against the shore, while they expressed what was bothering them.

And afterwards, they would thank me for really listening to them, for letting them pour out what they needed to and also for being honest in how I helped to guide them to reveal what was underneath their distress, which then helped them to solve their own predicament.

Lately, I’ve been working with more entrepreneurs, towards nurturing their growth mindset, which has been so crucial to them living the life they want overall and also in nurturing their own rising empire.

And while they may be business minded, they are all still human and they have been going through tough relationships times break-ups and family dramas all of which has been contributing to the blocks they have been experiencing in their lives, but the one thing that they all have in common, is the realization that they can have a better life.


They can have a life they enjoy and that is not ruled by fear, anxiety and desperation.

They are realizing that they are indeed worthy of unconditional support,  and love and that it is safe for them to be honest with themselves about what is actually happening in their lives in that moment.

They are shedding old, draining paradigms and at their own pace, shifting into new, better serving ones.  They are learning the importance of emotional energy flow and self love and how this can and will impact their actions, decisions and overall life health.

It is my belief that the  world needs more people who are self aware, who are ready to be more positive and genuine with themselves and others, because then you don’t get the people who will waste your time, take pleasure in making others  feel less than, or will disrespect your boundaries.

You’ll get more people willing to help, willing to see how things can be solved instead of inflicting unnecessary pain and stress on others. More people will be willing to take responsibility for their actions and are aware that true power comes from being able to communicate and be honest up front, so we’ll have less life trolls.

And I’ve seen these kinds of changes within the people who I work with. I love it when they are able to see the big picture of a situation and are no longer limited to only their point of view and also when they realize that growing is an every day journey that they are more than up to.

It makes me so happy when they have given themselves the permission to be living the life they dream of and know that it is safe to go through life’s hurdles and know that this is just a challenge for them to solve on their way to further growth.

The funny thing is that I have been passionate about mindset work for a long time, but only truly began to see its real value and applying it to my own life, when I came to the abrupt decision that I had to no real choice but to leave my marriage.

 I was in shambles, doubting my worth, doubted my ability and was miserably cranky AF.

I felt like everything around me was crumbling, including my work, my social life, my health everything.  I was just tired.

And learning about the Law of Attraction and enrolling into my first online course on mindset and business started me along a much different and so much better path.

It took like months of real work, discipline and several mindset shifts for me to pull myself back from the brink of extinction and to realize that, this painful situation that I was dealing with in that moment, was not actually the end of my world, and that I had the choice to let all the poison out and begin to rebuild the life I felt had been burnt down.

That hope, alone was enough for me to really start getting my mojo back and not only did I start to feel better mentally, but I also got the strength to finally start to take care of myself, to release and resolve old stories.

Soon I was brave enough to not just help myself through one of the roughest most dangerous times of my life, but to also start a movement to help anyone who ever went through something similar or were on the journey towards self growth and needed genuine guidance, because while it seems easy to say, in real life, that ish is HARD WORK!

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