What mood should you be in to break up?

In this episode, Ashlee is delving into the world of break ups and questioning when is the right time to break up and what is the best mood to actually cut the cord. Should you do it impulsively or should you do it when you’ve really given it a thorough think through? Warning: There may be cussing.

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Forget your problems, focus on your goals

Should we be so hyper focused on problem solving? Should we forget the problems and re-focus on the goal we are out to achieve in the first place and find a new path towards achieving it? Ashlee talks more about realizing why she needs to truly focus on what she is giving her attention to and how it’s going to change your world. Warning: There may be cussing.

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Panicking or Precaution: What Recent Events Taught Me

Ashlee talks about the abrupt death of her dad, what she’s learning as the world battles Coronoavirus and what she’s decided on for her future. Warning: There may be cussing.

Listen to the full and honest audio below.

Riffing with Ashlee Episode

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Why it’s so hard to keep the attitude of gratitude momentum going

Ashlee talks about the ugly truth behind the attitude of gratitude mindset and why it does not bring abundance.  She also breaks down why this one thing is causing more stress and drama in your life, rather than making it miraculously easier. Warning: There may be cussing.


Ashlee talks how to let happiness in

Ashlee talks about her concept of happiness, how to stop depriving yourself of happiness and how to stop forcing the stars to align. She breaks down why she felt happiness needed prerequisites and why she is over that way of thinking and releasing envy and comparison. Warning: There may be cussing.

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The Work Life Lie Revealed

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

Can we talk about this statement please!

So I remember the first time I heard this magical quote, it was coming from the mouth of a very happy man who owned a taco food truck and I remember thinking ‘look at how freaking happy he is’ and I like everyone who was watching whatever show it was, started to melt at the idea and how true that seemed right then and there.

It hit me profoundly, because, yeah!- work shouldn’t be boring, stressful or make me want to cry just by thinking about it right?

Work should be something I look forward to, something I thoroughly enjoy doing day in and day out and something that allows me to learn new skills and then apply them. Work should be something that I am passionate about and that grows right along with me.

Then, no less than five seconds later, my old school training came back to me and all those amazing, magical thoughts I had about loving work, came crashing down like an empty glass being pushed off the table by a indifferent cat , impassively watching as the glass shatters upon impact to the cold tiled floor.

What could have been the thought that triggered this level of destruction?

“ But he doesn’t look like he makes a lot of money…and isn’t that food truck situation super risky and not financially secure?

And yeah, just like that I remembered every one of my teachings that had been ingrained in me about needing money,

needing my money to come from a secure and dependable source,

needing to make a whole lot of money

and the belief that a lot of money could only come to me if I was as endlessly industrious as those freaking ants…because no one wanted to be that slacker grasshopper and then be totally screwed!

(Even though if you looked at that story in a different light, the grasshopper played music for those ants and then the Universe provided for the grasshopper via those same ants).

And so I did what any normal, red blooded female who had been taught that life was hard and making money was the only thing that would make your whole world go round, I thought about my skills and talents, picked the ones that Society seemed to pay a reasonable amount for, that I didn’t hate and I applied for a job at all the places that I prayed would pay me.

I was not thinking about myself in terms of what actually landing this job would entail or even mean.

All I thought about was the fact that I had a University degree that I was now pretty sure I was actually never going to get a chance to use, three Associate degrees that I was definitely not going to gain money from and I needed to show my parents that I had not infact wasted time on the subjects that I had loved at the time.

So basically I needed a well paying job to justify my ‘higher education’ that I partly paid for with my temp job as a Sales Clerk in a High-end Shoes Store, also because I desperately did not want to continue to work in the shoe’s store after so many years of freaking study!

And for a while I admit that I was very happy! I felt as if I had cheated the system, because my job was perfect!

I wrote for a living and it was decent pay- though I wished it was more, even as I didn’t expect it to ever be and I got to learn new skills, meet new people and eventually move out of my parents place and into a shared space with my then boyfriend.


So in a very real sense to my mind, “I was doing what I loved!” and it paid well enough.

And it was almost perfect, as perfect as my young brain could imagine it could get….until of course, it was not.

Until I was no longer doing what I loved, because the atmosphere had changed and I was starting to feel anxious, starting to realize that while I loved writing, meeting people, sharing their stories, I no longer enjoyed doing so in the environment I was doing it in.

So the catch to this fairy tale is that all too soon, the job brought with it all the stresses, pressures, drama and time constraints that I could not help but to shaft at, and I was now working at all hours, felt like I was no longer in control of my time or where I had to go for work and my boss had me on call always.

And the worst part was that I believed deeply that I would never get a better job or money making opportunity than this.

 So what was I going to do?

I genuinely did not like the ‘how’ of what I was doing anymore, but I felt as if all the reasons this felt so wrong to me were not actually valid enough for me to leave and so that level of impotence and anger built up in me, trapping me, stifling me and slowly I went from a happy person to one that was not and let’s just say it does not take very long for misery to infect all aspects of your life.

Eventually I realized that I was torturing myself for no reason and poisoning my own well of happiness, and all because I was terrified that this thing that I had outgrown was all I was ever going to have.

Why was it that I was placing everything over my own happiness?

Why was it that I was convinced that my happiness did not matter and needed to be sidelined in favour of bills and my superior’s needs?

One day, I remembered the quote: “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

And it truly hit me the significance of this quote as it relates to my own life.

It made me realize that I had sacrificed a lot of myself to my old training and I wanted to have new teachings.

I wanted to actually give myself permission to allow myself to ‘ do what I love’,  I wanted to be working for hours and hours on something I genuinely enjoyed because yeah that’s technically hard work, but I’d be smiling, I’d be happy and I would have no complaints.

I wanted to have to be dragged away from work, instead of being eager to get away from it and the most important thing I realized was that I owed it to myself and the rest of my life to have that experience.

This meant that I needed to find out what I loved to do, what I truly enjoyed and then to be brave enough to pursue it.

And this would not be based on how much money I thought it would bring, not on psyching myself up to do it and knowing in my soul I was settling, or that I was doing it to please others, while I found no pleasure in it.

I wanted to experience that quote- I wanted to love what I do and never feel like I was ‘working’ ie stressing, frustrated, wanting to escape it.

And to do that, I had to realize what I wanted for my life, not just financially, but on the real scale, the This is ME scale. I had to be brave enough to pursue a healthy relationship with myself where I got to know myself, my likes, dislikes, loves and desires and validate them.

I had to relearn the way I spoke to myself, the things I did, how I took care of myself, and allowed happiness to enter into my life.

This came with repetition, with patience, with the understanding of unconditional love, support and the importance of my own health.

This allowed me to clear away some of the misery I had been harbouring and to bring light into my life.

The more I did it the more I realized where my passions lied and I want that for you as well.

You deserve to allow yourself to feel truly happy, to feel that sensation emanating from your heart and spilling to fill up your body.

To wake up and smile because today you GET to do what you love and it easily supports your whole life.

The only question is : What are you waiting for to truly get to know yourself?

Unscripted in 15 Ways

Ashlee’s goal for Ashlee Unscripted is to be a platform to inspire and inform readers with energy and insights into overcoming and resolving some of life’s more formidable roadblocks and challenges.

And it is with that in mind that I am super excited to announce that we have created our first official blog-zine, aimed at providing some of the insights and guidance to move past real blocks in real time!

After months of behind the scenes planning and curating the right articles for this particular project, The Unscripted Collective Vol 1 is finally available!

This product serves up a massive dose of mindset expansion and encourages you to keep motivated while being present in life’s little moments of bliss and learning.

As many of you may know, Inner work has long been an important and vital part of Ashlee’s belief in creating the life you truly desire with ease and understanding, so the creation of this book was a perfect match for her teachings as well as her love for designing her own products.

“I wanted to create something that was easy to read, was even fun, but also carried some amazing insights and real life experiences! I genuinely love this blog-zine and it’s also digital so you can read it anywhere, anytime.

Ashlee explains.

I’ve since created more niches specific products but the Unscripted Collective Volume 1 is my first love and I’m super proud of it!”

Ashlee makes it a point to re-read her own words and to also read the words of other coaches and bloggers that resonate with her. She explained that the idea for the blog-zine came to her when she was looking over her blog and thought it would be pretty cool to have these articles in a space that was all her readers’ choice and they could travel with easily.

“I love sharing my experiences with those, who are going through right now what I also went through and that is what drives me to create my books, to do the videos on IG and to keep this blog going. It is not easy to share your own deep stories at times or to open up and show others that yeah I went through crazy and I’m still standing, but that is exactly the kind of message they need to hear and know to be true,” she explained.

Ashlee, as you can imagine has been very hands-on with this product, from the articles used to the way the finished product was designed, making sure that it reflected a fun, engaging and edgy feel for her loyal readers.  With a strong belief that beauty and self love starts from the inside, before it can radiate out, Ashlee wanted to ensure that the product was also a worthy buy for those who wanted to read it.

The Unscripted Collective Vol 1 is the perfect book for those who love to read, but also love the magazine feel of blogs and the fun way information is expressed.

What Awaits you :

Couch time with Ashlee, as she talks about choosing to forgive, not to let the poison of betrayal ruin her life, but choosing a healthier and happier path while working through the pain

Diving into why being just who you are can be a hard feat in Today’s society and why it’s so important to reconnect to your soul.

Why it is not safe as some of the experts are pushing today to ‘ force’ yourself to do anything, rather you have to trust your intuition and we break down how to do just that.

How to stop manipulating yourself into settling, because it only leads to long term pain and hard lessons.

How to become truly inspired without losing yourself and so much more.

The blogzine has over 15 articles, beautifully curated so that they flow into each other in a fun way and takes you on a journey of casual yet super insightful self discovery!

Rewiring Mindset and Editing Your Life Story

In the last post, we talked about some of the ways we can repurpose our limiting beliefs and even broke them down to specific situations!

Today, I’m spilling the tea on how to rewire your mindset, which is a fancy way of saying changing your perspective on your goals and your mental blocks.

We’re going to be looking at the things that cause resistance around your goals and how to blast them back into the abyss that they dared to fly up from in the first place.

So how do you go about changing your perspective on these things in real time?

You * drum roll * start reconnecting to yourself.

Here’s the thing, a lot of us are so disconnected from ourselves that if we didn’t live in this body, we would have no idea of who we were.

We spend a lot of time getting to know others and enjoying their company, building bonds and establishing trust and respect, however, when it comes to doing the same thing for ourselves, we shy all the way away from doing so!

I know, you’re thinking, how I can be disconnected from myself; I literally am myself and am in this body, with these thoughts and these feelings!

Yes, all true, however, let me know if any of these things resonate with you …

  Sitting in a café / movie theatre/ bar/ you name it- all alone and feeling lonely AF and hyper aware of other people having the best time. Feeling your heart beat staccato in a hollow rhythm because you want what they have. You want to also not be alone. You feel weird and awkward being alone.

  You argue with yourself a lot and avoid certain thoughts when they pop up because you just don’t feel like dealing with them or they hurt too much.

  You feel like a failure too much, you rarely look in the mirror and LOVE what is looking back at you.

  You’re fixated on working on ONE area of your life because to you it is failing and since it is, so are you.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those ( no matter how salty) then the truth of it is that there is at least a part of you that is disconnected from the other parts of you and to be honest,  many of us were not raised to cultivate a strong mental relationship with ourselves to begin with.

We rarely check in with ourselves to see how we truly feel about something or what we truly want, instead, we allow someone else (our authority figures/ haters/ lovers/celebrities) to make those decisions for us, so that we do what is expected and keep the peace.

And the more we do that, the more we start to separate from who we are- hence all those movies about ‘Finding Yourself!” – and the less we trust ourselves, the less we enjoy our own company, the less we believe in ourselves, because we are slowly eroding the bond we have with ‘me, myself and I’.

So to change your perspective, you have to be willing to repair that bond.

I like to think of it, as reconnecting with an old friend and making time in my hectic AF day to spend time with that being- myself!

So we meditate, we check in with ourselves, we affirm our loves, passions, and fun times, we work on projects, we talk, we laugh and we allow ourselves to fall back in love, trust and respect with each other. I become my best ‘BFF’ friend a little more every day.

And all of this goes a long way to me understanding what is triggering my limiting beliefs and certain mental blocks and changing my perspective on what is actually happening in those moments.

How you feel about a situation/experience/thing and what you believe based on those are what helps to make your decisions.

That is why limiting beliefs can have the power to stall and even destroy our success, if we simply buy into them, instead of challenging them and listening to what they are really saying about the situation.

So let’s start changing some mindsets!

First identify your trigger moment- what was the thing that made you think of your limiting belief or insecurity?

Check in with yourself and discover when you tend to give up, get overwhelmed or believe that your success is not/ no longer possible.

When you identify that moment and thing, what do you choose to make it mean? Do you make it a positive or negative thing?

 *Hint* It’s neither. It’s just a thing and it has no meaning until you give it such…so don’t give it a meaning.

Secondly, check in on how you usually respond to the trigger moment in most recent situations.

(Make a list of all the trigger moments and all the things that have been making you pause on working as enthusiastically as you would towards your desired goal. Be honest and specific)

Thirdly, when you observe your response to the trigger moments and limiting beliefs, is this, what usually leads self-sabotaging behavior?

Do you feel unmotivated or incensed enough to want to give up?

Fourthly, make a firm decision here and now that you will start practicing responding in a more positive way when the opportunity next presents itself.

So let me give you an example of how this may play out:

My goal: I want to start a successful online business.

Context: I have launched my first product and there are no sales yet. I looked at my Business account and there are exactly zero sales made .It’s been a month and I barely hear crickets. I feel like a HUGE failure and I want to give up.

Trigger moment: I think to myself, no money equals HUGE failure and I leave the room sad, frustrated and in tears.

Process: I decided that because I’ve not made anything yet, it means that I NEVER will and that made me feel like a failure and useless.

I realize after I’ve cooled off that, I’ve added my self-worth and future success to this one perceived failure, when really I could go online and look at what I’m actually putting out and see if I would buy the product based on that.

I could take a break from this and re-charge my energy so that I’m putting the best energy and intuitive actions into my business.

I’ve decided that I will stop attributing myself worth and overall success in life and business to something that I consider a failure and instead discover what was further needed so I can try again.

I decide that my success is inevitable and I’m going to allow myself to attract it and work smarter instead of more desperately.

Trigger moments happen often when we feel as if something has thrown us off track from our success and if we allow them to continually ‘pause ‘our progress we will start to doubt ourselves more, stop taking intuitive actions and even feel as if we should surrender our power and dreams to someone else.

We will begin to focus more on the problem itself, thereby making it bigger and more significant than it really is, because we are now attributing meaning to this issue, when really we just need to take a moment, focus on something we deem to be going right and go with that, and allow the problem to resolve itself.

Trigger moments are just one of the things that can cause our limiting beliefs to transform into real mental blocks, which are even harder to dismantle when they are in their so deep in our minds causing setbacks and stress.

A belief is simply a thought that we allow to circulate in our minds so much that we affirm them as truth, which means that in all things we do have the power to make a decision on the path we want to take.

It means that we can start to re-train ourselves to see these trigger moments as what they are and take a moment to repurpose them as well.

Next, I’ll be breaking down the real triggering emotion that actually derails your momentum and makes you a perfect target for stress!

How to Make Your Limiting Beliefs Explode Your Success

So today, we are going to be looking at how to use these limiting beliefs to ensure our success!
Now let’s look at the reasons that cause them in the first place and for each go through what will help us go from fight, flight or bury all the feels, to flowing and soaring!


Limiting belief reason 1:

Sometimes we create beliefs that are so far from our current circumstances that our minds simply do not believe in the possibility of it coming true in the way we want them to.

matthew Perry

For this one, the real issue here is that we do not believe the goal is possible.

While we know that it can happen, it does not feel feasible for it to happen for us.  

It is a goal that while we would LOVE to achieve, we simply at this point in time cannot see how WE can get it done because of whatever reason. (Maybe lack of resources, time, or the magnitude of the change just does not fit in with our belief or expectation of what can really work out for us).

In all of this, the problem is the fact that we simply do not believe this goal is something for us. We need to expand our range of possibility if we are to ever start believing we are going to succeed in this goal.

So what do we do?

Break down the big goal into more comfortable sizes that are more relatable for you. Then choose one that is not outside of your range of belief, but is also not so easy that you know you’re playing small either. Your heart felt goals are supposed to scare you a little- it keeps the excitement going and allows your brain to realize that change is coming!

There will be fear, there will be doubt, but with this smaller sized goal, it won’t be as terrifying as before and you can manage your limiting beliefs easier, because the action you will be inspired to take will be things you can ACTUALLY envision for yourself and DO!

Listen in and acknowledge the doubt and fears that will arise and integrate them into your new perspective on this goal.


Big goal: “I am going to lose 30 lbs in 21 days”

New Goals:

•           “ I am going to drink 2 liters of water a day”

•           “ I am going to eat more veggies and less carbs”

•           “ I will do fun and challenging physical activity for least 30 minutes a day”

•           “ I will get 8 hours of real sleep every night”

Limiting Beliefs:

•           I’ve never tried this in this way before, is it even possible for me to lose this weight?

•           What if I miss a day of exercise or don’t drink enough water, will I sabotage the results?

•           I don’t even know why I’m bothering, it’s not like I’ll actually lose any weight anyway. It’s too late and I’ve already tried stuff and failed.

New Perspective:

Eventhough I feel like I may not lose all the weight in the time line because I’ve failed before, I know that by making these smaller changes and sticking to the plan because it’s fun and easy, I’ll be healthier and will be loving my body more!

2)         Limiting beliefs reason 2: We create our beliefs and mantras while ignoring our internal alarm systems that are protesting the insanity of this belief.

What happens in this situation is that we create our beliefs and mantras and try to ignore, bury or fight the feelings that arise when we think of them, because we want them to be true so very much and if something we’ve decided is negative comes up, we think of it as a threat to our beliefs.

So what can we do to change this?

First we need to realize that these feelings that arise are neither good nor bad, they are only what you make them mean.

And the thoughts are not there to deride your beliefs, or desires, rather they are there to show you that there are a few potential flaws/ challenges in the plan and if you listen in, you can fix them before they become even more apparent.

So instead of running from the feelings that arise when you think of your goals, simply allow them to flow over you and for each, check whether they are true or valuable and work to suit.

If they are neither true nor valuable, express that to yourself and move on.


Goal: “I am going to write my first book, publish it and reap the rewards all in 2 weeks”.

Limiting Beliefs:

•           “How are you going to do all of this in just 2 weeks?”

•           “Do you even have everything you need to write or finish this book?”

•           “Do you think people will want to read this?”

New Perspective:

It’s true that maybe 2 weeks is a very tight deadline, but I’ll do what I can in that timeframe and ask for more if necessary. I should make sure I have all the information I need to start, but anything else I can learn as I go along. I’ll just focus on writing the book and ask my followers if they’re interested in the plot and that might help me make it even better.

3)         Limiting belief reason 3: We create these beliefs as shields when our goals are too big, frightening and we’re scared to fully commit.

Sometimes we allow our thoughts to become limiting beliefs because they protect us from trying too hard and provide a cushion for when things inevitably do not go our way.

The truth is that the goal scares the pants off of us and it’s not just simply that we may fail at this goal, but worse, that we might succeed—and then fail.

So we allow our thoughts to corrupt the goal, so that we feel validated when we give up on it and use those same limiting beliefs as the reasons it would never have worked out for us anyway.

The real problem here is that you have decided that we are terrified of the change and are not yet ready or confident enough to face it, to allow yourself to believe that it will all work out for you and not hurt you in some way, regardless of how amazing it is.

In fact the more amazing and beneficial the goal, the more likely you are to want to abandon or procrastinate on it.

So what is the solution for this one?

It’s simple: Be honest with yourself. Be honest that you are afraid, that you have been self-sabotaging and work to see what is triggering that reaction for you.

Most of the time, you have already corrupted the vision and the goal, turning them into stressors, which your mind avert and avoid at all costs.

You feed it more by castigating and chastising yourself about the goal, making yourself see it as even more of a negative thing.

Example: I was to go to the gym this week and I didn’t and I’m wasting money! What is wrong with me! Ugh!

(Results in you not going to the gym for another week- sound familiar?)

Remember why you had this goal in the first place, what made it so exciting and precious to you? What made it fun?

Focus on that and instead of focusing on time that has already passed; focus on the here and now.

Allow yourself to slowly work on the goal and enjoy all aspects of it. When it gets too much, take breaks. The goal is to make you happy, not stressed all the way out.

The more you see it as an actual thing that brings you pleasure, the more you’ll become obsessed with it and the limiting beliefs will dissipate.


Big goal: “I want to start my own online business.”

Limiting Beliefs:

•           That’ll be a lot of work and what if I try and fail? No, I should just keep on what I’m doing right now…it’s the better option.

•           I have researched and tried so many strategies and none of them work! I should just give up and try to find something else!

•           I’m not making nearly enough money with this thing, is this even possible for me?

New Perspective:

I started this online business because I saw a need for it in the market and the things I’m doing make me happy when I do them. I have so much fun and meeting those who like it.

I just have to be patient, and raise my energy up again, so my intuition can guide me. I can and will do this because it’s important to me that I do.

To reframe and repurpose your limiting beliefs, you have to first listen in to your feelings and be aware enough to realize that nothing is trying to hurt you.

Yes, they seem mean, and like jagged spokes ready to disrupt your happy time, but really, they are only as powerful as you make them.

 If you truly repurpose them and start that as a practice, you’ll realize that your success comes a lot easier because you’re not running from yourself, but embracing all of you! It’s all mindset and what stories you’ve been telling yourself that makes this process either easy or difficult.

Either way, be kinder to yourself or realize that everything is playing out in the favour of the energy you are calling to yourself.

We talked about how to reframe and repurpose your limiting beliefs, but what triggers them for you in real life, real time?

Next Chapter, we dive into it all and what you can do to rewire your mindset to reduce stress! 

The Biggest Misconception About Limiting Beliefs and Mental Blocks Blown Up!

Today I’m spilling the tea on limiting beliefs, mental blocks and trigger moments and why they manifest in the way that they do!

Limiting beliefs just as the name implies are those ‘negative’ and challenging thoughts that swirl in our head so much that you begin to believe them as facts. They are the thoughts that keep you from believing your success is possible and can drive you to take actions that are not in alignment with our progress.

So where do they come from?

Usually when you are truly being attacked by your limiting beliefs there are for three main reasons.

  • Sometimes you create beliefs that are so far from our current circumstances that your minds simply do not believe in the possibility of it coming true in the way you want them to.
  • You create our beliefs and mantras while ignoring your internal alarm systems that are protesting the insanity of this belief.
  • You create these beliefs as shields when our goals are too big, frightening and you’re scared to fully commit.

Contrary to EVERYONE’s belief of limiting beliefs, I do not think they are bad things, infact I think they are your Ego’s best work in terms of not only protecting you, but also gauging where you actually stand on your own belief system.

Lemme explain that more.

While we all get so caught up in the fact that we have a great idea/ project/ desire etc and we start to plan it out and set deadlines and try to make it a reality, what happens when the limiting beliefs pop up?

We listen to them and then we immediately fall prey to our own insecurities. Here’s the thing tho, you’ve been using your limiting beliefs all WRONG.

They are not there to stop your progress; in fact they are there to test it and ensure that you are aware of how to improve upon your game plan.

Those thoughts that swirl in your brain and trigger your flight or fight instinct are only there as a mental checklist to see how prepared you really are about fulfilling this goal.

So think of them as a harsh supervisor who asks the tough questions, so that you can be better prepared for the success of your missions. Instead of fighting or fleeing or trying to bury these thoughts, I want you to instead listen to them, challenge them and answer them.

All they want is to be resolved so that you can move forward. That’s it. They have no actual real power; it’s all in how you respond to them.

Now that we understand what limiting beliefs truly are, if they are left unanswered and unchecked they will cause mental blocks- i.e. your ego trying to stop you from doing something it now believes you are unready, unprepared for and will cause you harm- (literally the ego’s one job is to keep you safe) so then you have even more stressors to overcome, in order to prove to your own mind that you are in fact ready to take on this amazing challenge.

Does that make sense?

Let’s look at the three instances of limiting beliefs.

The first instance:

1)         Sometimes we create beliefs that are so far from our current circumstances that our mind simply does not believe in the possibility of it coming true in the way we want them to.

What this means is that you have created a belief that feels larger than life and larger than what you feel you are capable of.

Sure you can achieve this goal, but really it feels as if it is outside of your range of believability. And as such your mind is calling BS on it and since your response has NOT been to broaden your range of believability or possibility, it then leads to a mental block.

As you fight the block, less energy is being focused on the resolution and the block gets bigger, because you’re actually feeding the emotion that created it in the first place.

 It’s a catch 22 like no other.


“I am going to lose 30 lbs in 21 days”

This is perfectly possible, however, you feel as if it will be really hard or difficult for you to lose that much weight in such a short time.

And you’re not too enthused about the changes you have to make in regards to your diet, workout routine, sleep pattern etc… It all just seems like a lot and are you even ready for all of that yet?

You’re not even sure you’ll have the time to actually implement all of this stuff!

Sound familiar?

The second instance:

2)         We create our beliefs and mantras while ignoring our internal alarm systems that are protesting the insanity of this belief.

In this instance, there is a part of you that is blaring that you’re worried/ afraid/stressed over this belief/ goal or simply don’t want to do it and maybe it feels as if you will not actually achieve this goal and for some reason instead of addressing those emotions, you ignore them and continue to try to push along with it.

However, they do not go away and you run the risk of misinterpreting those feelings as signs that you will fail this goal and then … you do.


“I am going to write my first book, publish it and reap the rewards all in 2 weeks”.

Totally possible if you know how, but even as you think of this goal, you feel like maybe your deadline is a bit rough and too tightly strict for all you will have to do, but you forge on and you get stressed out more and more and you can hear that voice in the back of your head saying “you’re not gonna make it” and while you’re not communicating with it, it makes you feel like giving up because ‘ maybe you’re not a good writer, maybe no one will read my book…etc”.

Really, it was about the fact that you needed more time and you would have known that if you had bothered to listen to your intuition and ego.

The third instance:

3)         We create these beliefs as shields when our goals are too big, frightening and we’re scared to fully commit.


“I want to start my own online business, but really, that’ll be a lot of work and what if I try and fail? No I should just keep on what I’m doing right now….it’s the better option.”

In this scenario, it’s not that the goal is impossible, but it’s that the person is not ready for this magnitude of change and has allowed fear to shield them from even trying it out and changing their lives for better or not.

They decided that they could not chance going after their dreams and allowed the limiting beliefs to shield the fear of actually doing something out of their comfort level.

In the end, it all comes down to you communicating with yourself, trusting yourself and being patient. Limiting beliefs will manifest fear, doubts and dread yes, however those emotions only have as much power and purpose as we assign to them.

It is all about your mindset, and how well you listen to your intuition and trust that you will achieve all that you desire easily.

So challenge these thoughts and find out how to repurpose them so that they do what they were always intended to do- help you achieve your goals easily and happily.

Want to know how they can be repurposed?

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