How to Trust Your Intuition

Have you ever had a thought or a feeling that came to from seemingly ‘nowhere’ followed by an urge to go do the thing, and you can feel your body instinctively react to go do the thing?

That’s what is called an ‘ intuitive nudge’, and all of the time, if you choose to not follow the nudge, life becomes just a tad more complicated and your mind, reproaches you by replaying that thought or feeling you got which you ignored.

The thing is, it’s not easy to trust these feelings or thoughts in your body, because simply put, we are not taught how to, or even that they have real value.

In today’s world, if you’re making decisions based on how you feel or on your ‘gut’ you run the risk of being laughed at.

Yet, intuition is much stronger, more accurate and much more direct that what we are taught to use today, which is ‘rational logic’.

We have all heard people use the term ‘intuition’ in an attempt to express how they knew something before hand, or to describe this sense of unproven confidence they have in a situation and it’s really no surprise that women- the more empathetic of the two sexes are more likely to not only feel the pull, but also answer the call of the nudge.

“We all have this groovy inner guidance system, but many of us disconnect from it. If we want to trust our intuition, we must release all disbelief and heighten our awareness of our inner voice,” #1 New York Times Bestselling, Gabrielle Bernstein, tells Poosh.

“Our intuition is a kind, loving inner voice that guides us toward positive actions and peaceful outcomes,” she continues.

Sometimes intuitive guidance comes to us in the form of a powerful feeling of inspiration or even a tingly sensation or even as a strong sense of knowing in your gut.

This guidance can manifest when we’re dealing with people, circumstances and even in our decisions making processes, though, we’re not always able to tune into what it has to say.

Let’s change that.

Wouldn’t it be great to recognize and trust those times when your intuition is trying to guide you to an easier and more beneficial direction in life?

To do that, we have to address one of the most major blocks to receiving the best of our intuition, fear.

Fear can manifest in our lives in a variety of forms, and sometimes it’s a good thing, but other times, it’s what we use to doubt ourselves, over-thinking and second-guessing what we know, which leads to us cutting off our communication with our inner guide.

To change the tide, Berstein has a strategy to help you connect with your inner guide and open yourself more to what you’re being called to do.

“You can begin this practice with two minutes of stillness each morning. Sit comfortably in silence and connect to your breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When two minutes is up, take note of whatever your intuition tells you and write it in a notebook. Trust your first instinct.

 For one week, document the intuition that comes through after your two minutes of stillness. At the end of the week, reread what you’ve documented. It’s likely that you’ll see patterns and guidance that may not have come through without this stillness practice,” says Berstein.

Another reason we tend not to trust our inner guide is because the message we are receiving seem to not make sense in the context of our present.

For instance, if you get the slightest inkling to take a different route from the one you always use and have never have issues with, logic and familiarity will encourage you to disregard that first nudge and go as you always have.

So start small, because it will take some time to retrain yourself to listen to that feeling, especially when it seems nonsensical and illogical.

To begin, when you feel that inner nudge, that sudden clarity, take the chance to listen to it, and let it guide you.

In his book, Intuition: Knowing Beyond LogicOsho summed it up perfectly when he said: “The unknowable is the beauty, the meaning, the aspiration, the goal. Because of the unknowable, life means something. When everything is known, then everything is flat. You will be fed up, bored.”

This process allows you to open up the communication channels of your inner guide and also creates the bond between you and self-trust.

When you start listening and acting in alignment with your intuition, life begins to make more sense, becomes less stressed and you’ll find yourself happier and more confident in your own skin.

You made it to the end! Wooot!

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Alee’s Chronicles: The Breakdown

“It’s going to fucking suck”.

Those words reverberate in her mind, on loop, loud as if the person who first spoke them, so long ago on that dark night is standing right in front of her again.

He isn’t.

Her mind simply wants Alee to remember that healing takes time, that it will require the sacrifice of tears, and it will feel as if her entire body is being ripped apart from the inside, only to be reshaped, stronger, better into a familiar yet wholly new image, should she survive the onslaught.

It’s Sunday, a quiet day as Alee lies in her rumpled, utterly disheveled bed, laptop open to a blinking, taunting cursor, the only alive thing in an expanse of thirsty white.

She wants to fill that white, pristine page, with dark symbols, with words that will alleviate the pain in her chest, the heaviness that is lodged there and stoutly refuses to roll away like the boulder, Alee imagines it is.

Yet, while her mind tells her she can fill that page, her body lacks the energy and her mind’s background mutterings are filling her with a sense of melancholy, robbing her of her ability to focus on the here and now, with their loudness.

Huffing, she flops back against the two pillows adorning her bed, legs bracketing the laptop and her artistic mouse and stares as she seems to be doing way too much lately at the white painted wood of the ceiling.

Everything is quiet for a moment.

She can tell the wind is flirting with the green leaves of the mango tree as they flutter and preen in the golden sunshine, can hear the breeze as it shoots through the leaves, giving them a somehow soothing, rattling sound.

She can hear her parents, chatting about God knows what just down the hall, as they bake. She can hear her breathing, low and steady and she knows that if she looks outside, she will be treated to a beautiful, sea of blue sky.

She will be able to take in the natural beauty of the world around her, blooming green in good health and  it all bugs the fuck out of her.

Everything looks…happy. It looks cheerful and full of hope and laughter, and it is not at all palatable to her right now.

Not when she feels the exact opposite. Not when she knows, a pounding headache is working itself up to the front of her brain; not when she feels so displaced.

Alee is frustrated, overwhelmed and terrified.

She has never in her life cried as much as she has over these last two years, she has never felt as worthless as she does either.

Never felt so keenly the absence of hope, of faith and the belief that she will inevitably prevail.

“ Well, this sucks…,” She mutters, turning her attention to her mobile. She picks up the rectangular piece of technology and clicks to the YouTube app.

She wants to rage out, to give this bubbling, roiling tsunami of emotion that has been making it’s uncomfortable home within her for too long an exit strategy.

She wants to let it all bleed out of her, from her pores, through her mouth, from her ears, she just wants the stress of it all to leave her alone.

She listens to old rock music. Pulling up random sounds that will allow her to scream right along to them in her head, songs from Linkin Park that will evoke the purging, though scalding tears and as they play…

…her body and mind react in sync.

She closes her eyes, lets the music rage, swell and dance with her emotions.

In those moments, she is once again teleported to that darkened beach, thin sand crunching under their feet,  leaning against her car, with her long time friend infront  of her. They had just finished eating their chicken sandwiches and they were talking about how everything was going to change for Alee.

They were talking about how she was leaving her ex, going back home and her hope that soon her business would be booming.

She’d had so many ideas then, she had way more hope then. Sad that two years of hoping and trying had almost drained it all away.

Alee takes another deep breath, murmuring the words of the songs, even as her inner voice becomes a raging, performing rock star.

“ Inner work sucks! This really does hurt!” she grumbles. “ I cannot believe that I’m choosing to feel like this! This cannot be a choice, this cannot be how it is!”

The tears prick at her sensitive eyes yet again, demanding their freedom. Alee ignores them, she is sure she is about to reach an epiphany and the loud music is blasting away all the background noise for her.

She is so close to clarity, she can feel it.

When it finally comes, it’s after an hour of a what feels like the equivalent of an inner typhoon hitting a nervous system.

It’s after the tears become criminals and escape their bonds to slide freely down her face, it’s after her chest raggedly rises and falls, needing to release the wails, but unable to because her mouth is the only thing taking orders from her and remains tight lipped.

And all the while, her heart is pumping out inner, dull painful sensations as well as blood around her body.

Clarity, comes after the headache takes her prisoner.

It comes after her heartfelt chants of, “I just need a win, please just one win!”

And the answer for all the raging storm and devastation it wrought is simple, “None of this matters. Your health and happiness does. Take better care of yourself”.

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