The thing that pulled me from the brink of energetic extinction!

I am so passionate about helping people gain clarity of self and nurture their growth mindset, that I literally made it my business.

My experience in this field started not surprisingly with my friends first, because they would come to me  and still do- for relationship advice, to vent and  to just have a safe, stress free sounding board.

And they would contact me at times when they just could not see past their own anger or mistake or was scared by something in their relationships and I would be the one they would either call or literally drive to visit and we’d have a session.

If they were by my house, we would go for a walk as I live in the country side and nature is awesome for heart to hearts or we would go to the beach and walk along the sand, listening to the waves crash against the shore, while they expressed what was bothering them.

And afterwards, they would thank me for really listening to them, for letting them pour out what they needed to and also for being honest in how I helped to guide them to reveal what was underneath their distress, which then helped them to solve their own predicament.

Lately, I’ve been working with more entrepreneurs, towards nurturing their growth mindset, which has been so crucial to them living the life they want overall and also in nurturing their own rising empire.

And while they may be business minded, they are all still human and they have been going through tough relationships times break-ups and family dramas all of which has been contributing to the blocks they have been experiencing in their lives, but the one thing that they all have in common, is the realization that they can have a better life.

They can have a life they enjoy and that is not ruled by fear, anxiety and desperation.

They are realizing that they are indeed worthy of unconditional support,  and love and that it is safe for them to be honest with themselves about what is actually happening in their lives in that moment.

They are shedding old, draining paradigms and at their own pace, shifting into new, better serving ones.  They are learning the importance of emotional energy flow and self love and how this can and will impact their actions, decisions and overall life health.

It is my belief that the  world needs more people who are self aware, who are ready to be more positive and genuine with themselves and others, because then you don’t get the people who will waste your time, take pleasure in making others  feel less than, or will disrespect your boundaries.

You’ll get more people willing to help, willing to see how things can be solved instead of inflicting unnecessary pain and stress on others. More people will be willing to take responsibility for their actions and are aware that true power comes from being able to communicate and be honest up front, so we’ll have less life trolls.

And I’ve seen these kinds of changes within the people who I work with. I love it when they are able to see the big picture of a situation and are no longer limited to only their point of view and also when they realize that growing is an every day journey that they are more than up to.

It makes me so happy when they have given themselves the permission to be living the life they dream of and know that it is safe to go through life’s hurdles and know that this is just a challenge for them to solve on their way to further growth.

The funny thing is that I have been passionate about mindset work for a long time, but only truly began to see its real value and applying it to my own life, when I came to the abrupt decision that I had to no real choice but to leave my marriage.

 I was in shambles, doubting my worth, doubted my ability and was miserably cranky AF.

I felt like everything around me was crumbling, including my work, my social life, my health everything.  I was just tired.

And learning about the Law of Attraction and enrolling into my first online course on mindset and business started me along a much different and so much better path.

It took like months of real work, discipline and several mindset shifts for me to pull myself back from the brink of extinction and to realize that, this painful situation that I was dealing with in that moment, was not actually the end of my world, and that I had the choice to let all the poison out and begin to rebuild the life I felt had been burnt down.

That hope, alone was enough for me to really start getting my mojo back and not only did I start to feel better mentally, but I also got the strength to finally start to take care of myself, to release and resolve old stories.

Soon I was brave enough to not just help myself through one of the roughest most dangerous times of my life, but to also start a movement to help anyone who ever went through something similar or were on the journey towards self growth and needed genuine guidance, because while it seems easy to say, in real life, that ish is HARD WORK!

You made it to the end! Wooot!

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