4 Reasons You Should Be Proud of Your Mistakes

You’re not perfect, you’ve fucked up and honestly you’ve also been fucked over.

Who hasn’t?

At some point in our perfectly imperfect human lives, we’ve either been the villain, the victim or the hero in a given situation and had to make decisions on how to go forward after the fact.

Not all of our decisions in life have been great nor had the outcomes we would have preferred, but there they are and there they stand, still impacting on our life stories.

We have all made mistakes in life however, for those of you who have realized what your mistakes are and have taken ownership for them, then cheers to you!

You are on your way to your next level self, and you’ve realized the real way we should view our mistakes. There are several reasons that you should be proud of all the mistakes you’ve made in your life and while that may seem slightly insane, it’s the absolute truth.

I can almost hear you asking: Why should I be PROUD of my mistakes?  I should be ashamed and feel guilt over them, not anything else!

Especially since you feel as if these horrific events now define who you are, when it seems as if you can never live down what happened or when this mistake caused so much pain and suffering in your life and possibly others…When you have yet to forgive yourself for making them in the first place?

Let me help shed some light on your gloom and doom and show you why making mistakes is not the end of the world, just another character development chapter in your autobiography.

You realized you’ve made a mistake


Awareness, especially self awareness, is such a precious thing in a world where everyone is actively running from their true thoughts, feelings and drowning their hurts in distraction.

Awareness is one of the special things that allow you as a human to continue to grow and what you do with it, will set you on a path either towards abundance or rot.

There are still quite a few people who live their lives making the same mistakes over and over again, never taking the time to examine what caused the mistakes nor how it really impacted their lives. They refused to take the time to learn what the damage was teaching them and  most importantly, they never bothered to admit they made/ make something as naturally human as mistakes.

In short, they are still not allowing themselves to learn, resolve or to grow into their wiser and stronger selves. By refusing to  take responsibility for making a mistake, whether it was accidental or something that created an unfortunate outcome, they are stunting their growth and adding more time onto their own ability to grow.

Many are afraid to admit or take responsibility for a mistake because they believe that they will forever be defined by the mistake, be forever known for the mistake and be shunned for not knowing any better or preventing the unfortunate outcome.

This is a rough way to live!

And I get it.

In a world where a photo or a few seconds of video can potentially ruin your reputation and life, where people never let you live down anything, no matter how innocent, is it any wonder that many are fighting against the idea of  messing up?

No. Not really.

Yet, making mistakes is a natural way of life. You learn more sometimes from making a mistake than you do from immediate success, because when something goes wrong, you have to figure it out and that teaches you new ways of achieving a desired result.

Sometimes our mistakes hurt others, cause them embarrassment or puts them in danger and that is terrifying, however if we never acknowledge our own part in the mistake, then how exactly are we to make amends?

How are you to learn from it, see the red flags and have a plan of action?

Once you have realised and come to terms with the mistake and your real part in making it a reality, you have already began to grow and it’s highly unlikely you will ever make that same mistake again! Be proud of what you’ve learnt, even if it came at a high cost.

The cost will only be bigger if you never stop to learn the lesson the first time.

The mistake needed to happen so you could grow


If we continue to see mistakes as a trap and hell- even worst that the infamous friend zone, then we are going to put unfair and impossible pressure on ourselves to be perfect, to have success the first time, to be something that we simply are not.

At the moment of the mistake, you’re in a mindset that makes you think it will all work out.

We rarely know we’re making a mistake until after we’ve done it. Most times, there are warnings, things that nudge us that maybe this is not the path we should be taking however, we still proceed with the plan and then if the outcome is not what we expected, or we realized that the outcome will not best serve us, then we freak out.

We regret the course of action and some come to a resolution. Some resolve to be wiser next time, others hope to bury the mistake under 10 feet of our subconscious and ban it from our lives.

However, this is just a learning curve, some of us are ready to heal and have moved ahead, others need more time to come to terms with their own truths and it is all natural and safe.

This is all about mindset.

The truth is now that the mistake has happened, you are not only more self-aware, but you have the power to decide how you will make amends, and whether you will allow this thing to take over your life or not.

Making a mistake is not the end of the world. Now that you know you’ve done it, be proud that you know it was a mistake. Be proud that you are wiser, stronger and are more prepared for any similar situation. Be proud that you now know for sure what to look out for, so you won’t repeat this action in a similar situation.

Most importantly, be proud that you are now a much smarter and different person to the one who did the deed.

Mistakes hurt whether it is as simple as falling off of a bike to cheating on your love, they are all learning opportunities and in many cases flash a huge spotlight onto the real problem you were trying to run away from anyway.

After a mistake, there is no better time for self reflection and instead of sulking and trying to hide, allow yourself to grow by facing the aftermath and working to resolve the situation.

Allow yourself to grow into the person who is smarter, wiser and eyes are now more open and aware of the world.

Learning from it, decreases the chances of making it again


Once you’ve made the mistake, realized what you’ve done and  taken responsibility in your part of it, it is highly unlikely you can make the same exact mistake again.

This is not to say that the outcome may not be the same with a new path, however it is to say that when presented with the same resources, the same choices and with new knowledge of how all of these things do not fit together, you’re over 85% less likely to make the same choices.

It’s because you now know better. You know what can happen now and you get to make the choice for yourself if that is something you want to go through in the same way again.

This means you’ve learnt from the experience, this means that you’ve also grown and changed for the better when you can now spot the storm coming before it hits down.

Those who refuse to admit that they are infallible and refuse to be open minded, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes, while expecting a new result and this is because they genuinely  are not aware that the situation is the same because they never bothered to look at it all objectively.

The point of growing and learning from the mistakes you will make in life is to realize that the pay out of not learning from them will increase as you continue to willfully be blind to the lessons.

There may be times when because of the stimuli and the result- especially when it comes to heartbreak- it may feel as if you have not become smarter because of the result, however, if you stop and really look at what happened, instead of what you think happened because of the result, you will see all the ways that you are in fact better. Not to mention be able to really look at the situation much more objectively.

What happens next is your choice. You can choose to continue on a path to your growth or you can choose to stop and remain stuck.

Making mistakes if nothing else, shows you that in all of it, it is all about you. The way you respond, the person you want and are working towards being.

It makes you realise that the outcome is not something you always have control over, but you do have control over your part in the situation and you can trust yourself to do what is right for you and others.

You can now help others who have made a similar mistake


The beauty and single most important part of making a mistake, owning up to it and making amends is the unique ability you now have to help others, who may be in the same situation you were in.

There is nothing quite like helping someone to see that their life is not over because of a mistake,- no matter how reckless or stupid you / they think it was. None of us are perfect and all of us will make mistakes, we will all do things that we later regret and we will all try to be better people.

And that is why we all have to stop seeing making a mistake as such a horrible thing in itself. We all have to be able to own up to our imperfections, be more humble and grateful to those who still saw you as you when you made the mistake. For those who still stood with you as you sought to become a better person.

Not all mistakes are forgivable, however, it is all about how you react afterwards, how you view the mistakes and what you do once you’ve realized you’ve made one that defines and highlights your real character.

And this is also how you can help others to continue to grow, live and learn from making their own.

With your new found experience you may be the best person to talk to the person before and even after they have made the mistake and help them through the consequences of it all. Help them to see that this mistake is something that they can bounce back from in time and with work derived for the mistake’s lessons.

If you are at that stage in life, where you know and acknowledge the crap you’ve done in your life, then you are ready to grow, to move on, step into your power and  uplevel your life.

Being proud of your mistakes, means you are acknowledging the lessons they have taught you and ready to put them to good use. It means , you’re acknowledging that this crisis happened,  you can now scout out similar situations and you’re over it.

You’re not stuck in a mindless loop of ‘this mistake is now who I am’, nor  are you willing to make the same mistake again, or  serve a life sentence obsessed by all the things you’ve done wrong in the past.

Instead, you realize the lesson, you identify with your own truth and you’re ready to step right into your next level self and up level your life!

You made it to the end! Wooot!

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