Wish of the Week: Belle Radici Wine

Belle Radici

Price:  less than $50

Why We’re Curious:

Anyone who has met me for more than 5 minutes know that I love wine and I love wrestling, so of course, I’m beyond curious about the Belle Radici wine, founded by WWE’s former wrestlers, turn mega entrepreneurs, The Bella Twins,  Nikki and Brie Bella ( real names, Stephanie Nicole Garcia and Brianna Danielson).

I also am an avid reality tv show watcher, should something pique my curiosity and Total Divas and Total Bellas are very entertaining and offered me a much coveted chance to slay my ever growing curiosity about wrestler’s life and travelling…but now back to the wine.

I remember when the Bella’s made the inspired choice to try their hand at wine making, since like me, they loved the fermented grape goodness and thanks to television and the invasion of cameras, I felt as if I got to see the product come to fruition ( pun totally intended).

Belle Radici according to their website is Italian for ‘beautiful roots’ and is a nice way of describing the diverse team behind the making of this wine.

The reviews on their facebook page have been pretty phenomenal, which does nothing to curb by envy and want!

Exhibit A : “Maggie Douglas recommends Belle Radici. I was “graciously” blessed with just a taste of this heavenly nectar, and was VERY impressed! The bouquet, the fullness of flavor with a sweet hint of fruitiness….. truly one of the finest, most delicious wines I’ve ever had!”

So far they have three choices, the Belle Radici Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, Belle Radici Red Napa Valley and the Belle Radici Chardonnay Reserve Napa Valley

I’m not huge on red wine, but I would love to try all three of these. Who is with me? Who has tried, let me know!

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