This slice of the internet is where I add bonus content about some of my posts on the blog. It is also the place I test out new story ideas, and perhaps share some confessions if you’ve been trustworthy enough.

The Ash Files is a place for me to be even more me and each month I’ll update with whatever is on my heart and mind.  This name the ‘Ash Files’ is what I had initially named my email list when I thought I could actually upkeep such a thing.

After much trial and a lot of error, I realized what I wanted was to send my quirky thoughts to a select group of deserving people who truly wanted to keep my blog going and supported me in this way- also I suck at sending emails.

So let me give a hearty thank you to those who are supporting the blog through my Patreon- the Ash Files is exclusive to my Patreon peeps and for having the fortitude to read the craziness that is sometimes ( read: oftentimes) my life!

You rock and you’re one of the big reasons I realized that I can give myself such unfiltered permission to express myself as truthfully, clearly and in whatever medium I choose to.